Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, January 27, 2017

Foreign Tourist Offers Pattaya Beach Girls $100 Dollars to Flash Their Tits..

Thai Visa Newsreports that a video of a foreign man on Beach Road in Pattaya offering a $100 dollar bill to Thai women to show him their breasts is doing the rounds of Thai social media. But it turns out that the bill worth 3,500 baht is just a fake.

The foreign man in the shorts apparently approached many women asking for a flash of their breasts. Some consented and some did not. The last one is alleged to have confronted him about the $100 dollar bill being a fake. (Busted!) Lol…
Police said that the man could face charges of attempting to use counterfeit money as well as computer crime charges for posting the damaging footage online. They said they don’t know whether he is still in Pattaya or has flown home yet. But they said they are investigating and trying to contact the girls concerned to gather evidence. They should know where to find them – thousands of women line the road offering sexual services.

Commentary: What an idiot! Offering 100 Baht for a freelancer on Pattaya Beach to flash you her tits is usually plenty! Hell, ladyboys will be happy to give you a peek at the goods as an enticement for free! No fake or real cash necessary! Lol…

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