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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Korean Tourist in Pattaya has 150,000 Baht Necklace Snatched..

Thai Visa News reports that a Korean doctor on holiday in Pattaya has slammed the resort as dangerous for tourists after he was robbed in the street. The tourist was the latest victim as necklace snatches have been reported on a daily basis. Now the victim has called on the police to do something about it and protect visitors. The 38 year old Korean doctor had a gold necklace worth 150,000 baht ripped off his neck by a helmeted motorcycle thief in Soi Petchtrakun at 3am on Saturday.

Said the started doctor at the scene: “Before I came on holiday I heard there were cases like this happening every day in Pattaya, so I took care. But I never really thought it would happen to me.“It is sad that Pattaya is so dangerous for visitors. The police need to do something about it”, he told Pattaya news. But it was not the only incident of its kind on Saturday. Pattaya police were also called to Soi Paniat Chang at 9pm where another Korean was the victim. A 48 year old Korean tourist had a necklace worth $2,500 US (around 90,000 baht) snatched from him by a motorcycle rider. The Korean tourist tried to run after the assailant but could not get him in time.

Commentary: The tourist said he had heard of the gold necklace snatchings in Pattaya before he came to Thailand and took care. Really? What care did he take when he was wearing a 150,000 Baht gold necklace out alone at 3am in Pattaya??? By the way has anyone else noticed that tourists used to report gold necklaces stolen that were worth 40,000 baht but in recent weeks everyone with a snatched necklace claims their’s was worth 150,000 Baht? Either the foreign tourists in Pattaya are getting more stupid by the minute or the motorbike gold necklace snatch thieves are getting much better at identifying only the best and most expensive gold!!!

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