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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Another drunk Brit ends up in a bloodied heap outside a Pattaya pub..

Thai Visa News reports that another British tourist has ended up seriously injured outside a Pattaya bar at 3am in the morning. Police who were on the scene with medics said he had a serious head wound, a broken arm and wounds on his body. He was treated at the scene then transferred to Banglamung Hospital. He was unable to say what had happened as he was too drunk. However, employee’s at the bar said the tourist fell down some stairs… Hmmmmm..

Witnet Thepsiri, 24, a ladyboy, said the man had paid the bar fine for him at another establishment and they had gone together for a night on the town. He was already very drunk when he started a fight in another bar then outside started fighting with a taxi driver. After this he dashed into the Nicha Pub and the next time he saw his companion was when the tourist was sprawled outside the front of the bar.
Employees said the British man had entered the bar and started smashing things and was itching for a fight. They claimed he fell down the stairs after they succeeded in chasing him out. Police took everyone off to the station to confirm their stories. They said they would interview the tourist when he has recovered a little and if there is a case to answer they will prosecute the staff at the pub.
It has been a bad week especially for British tourists in Pattaya. A 63 year old was assaulted by a beer bar manageress, others fought each other when one touched his girlfriend’s breast while a 62 year old man was caught with his pants down by the district chief in a short time hotel on Valentine’s Day and had his story spread all over the news.

Commentary: Yeah, no doubt about it…. He fell.. Maybe after getting shoved down those stairs after getting a beat down by 4 or 5 guys! Lol….

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