Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Drunk Freelancer Sleeps With Dead Pattaya Tourist for 2 Days??? WTF???

Thai Visa news reports that Police are investigating a mysterious death after a Kazakh man was found dead beside his girlfriend in a Pattaya hotel room. Police were called to the third floor of a hotel in Soi Buakhao yesterday after reports of a bad smell coming from Room 327. In the room they found the naked dead body of a 41 year old Kazakhstan man on the bed. Medics reckoned he had been dead at least two days, reported Sanook. Next to the body they found his girlfriend in a state of drunkenness. She was unable to say what had happened.

There was vomit and feces in the room and police found a lot of empty liquor bottles.The body was sent for autopsy. Patananan Somnuan of the Pattaya police said that at this stage it was not possible to offer an opinion of what had happened. There was no sign of a struggle or injuries to the dead man.

Commentary: A Pattaya freelancer so drunk that she sleeps with a dead tourist for 2 days until his rotting body stinks up the place?? WTF? Even for Pattaya this story is a bid weird! I guess she just liked a really stiff dick to ride... Lol.

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