Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is the Party Over in Pattaya???

Thai Visa News reports that Banglamung district chief Naris Niramaiwong ordered a raid on a bar that was a front for the sex trade as officials continued to act after UK media slammed the resort as nothing more than a knocking shop. The UK’s Mirror online had called Pattaya the “Sex Capital of the World” and said that 1 in 5 of its female residents were hookers. Now chief Naris – who last week embarrassed a 62 year old British man in a short time sex room in Walking Street on Valentine’s Day – has ordered more action. He instructed protection services chief Phichet Thamhon to raid premises in Central Pattaya yesterday with a large contingent of police and soldiers. The raid at the Club 4 resulted from reports that the premises were running a sex business for foreigners. A foreign “secret” operative was sent in armed with 2,000 baht and when the female owner of the premises brought a 26 year old girl for his pleasure and took the money she was immediately arrested, Daily News reported.

Chayanuch Laokliaw,36, was charged with running a sex for sale business as well as operating a bar and business without having applied for a license. The girl was taken in as a witness but other workers at the establishment were deemed to have not committed any crime. Phichet said that the owner would keep 1,000 baht of the fee and the girl would get the other half. He also revealed that the premises had been raided before but were still disobeying the law.

It was a three story building – downstairs there was a bar but upstairs there were short time sex rooms. Daily News said that establishments like this were damaging the image of Pattaya in the eyes of the world, with the Thai news media referencing the story in the Mirror that has caused authorities at the resort to scurry under pressure from the government.

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