Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ladyboy Caught Pickpocketing on Walking Street..

Thai Visa News reports that Police in Pattaya arrested a 26 year old ladyboy who they say helped in stealing a phone from the pocket of a Jordanian tourist in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Salmeer Alwaneh, 61, was on his way back to his room when a ladyboy and his female friend started groping him and suggesting some entertainment, reported FB Pattayanews. Soon thereafter Salmeer realized his phone was missing and he reported it to police in the area.

Chayaporn Praphatsorn, 26, was quickly arrested and identified by the victim at the station. But Chayaporn denied theft saying that the culprit was a woman referred to only as “Mai”. Chayaporn phoned Mai telling her to bring the phone in to police. Instead, Mai handed the phone into the from desk of the Pattaya Resort in South Pattaya Road and fled. Police didn’t believe the lady boy’s story especially as she had previous for the same offence. She was charged with theft and police are now hunting for the woman called Mai.

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