Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pattaya Bargirl Steals 170,000 Baht from Sleeping English Tourist

Thai Visa Newsreports that an English tourist called Pattaya police for assistance regarding the theft of money from his hotel room recently. He told police that he had been out in Soi Buakow with a few of his friends, celebrating his birthday. They had already been for a nice meal, and had decided to stop off at a local beer bar on the way home.

After about an hour in the bar, and a few bottles of beer later, it was home time. The victim had met a girl in the bar that he quite liked, and so, invited her to accompany him back to his room for the night. The lady in question happily obliged. Back in the room, all was well and they both fell asleep with no problems. It was only when the victim woke up the following morning that he found himself to be all alone, with 170,000 Thai Baht less than he should have had. He immediately called police who arrived onto the scene and took several bits of evidence as well as CCTV images in an attempt to catch the thief. Finally, the police have caught up with the thief, and she was arrested and taken down to the police station to be charged accordingly. Unfortunately, although not so surprisingly, the money has disappeared with part of it being used for a brand new nose, as you can see from the pictures.

Commentary: Congratulations to the English tourist for paying the most in Pattaya for long time... 170,000 Baht! I do believe we have a new winner for the poster boy of the week for "Don't Let This Happen to You!"

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