Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, February 24, 2017

Saudi Tourist Suffers Knife Attack from his own Friend in Pattaya

Thai Visa News reports that at around 5:30am on February 24th, Pattaya police and emergency services were called to Mayview Condotel in South Pattaya after a vicious knife attack involving 2 Saudi tourists that duked it out and then one friend went to the kitchen to get a knife to carve up his best friend. Why? Because he wouldn’t share his bargirl with the other guy! Now mind you there were only 2 guys but they had 3 girls with them already!

The one Saudi’s Thai girlfriend informed police that they had been drinking and socializing with friends in the room. The group consisted of 2 tourists from Saudi Arabia, and 3 Thai girls. Everything was fine until Mr. Aljameeli Khslf Khalafk, aged 37, who was a friend of her boyfriends, started making moves on her too. Mr. Alhazemt didn’t respond well to the advancements of his friend and a fight broke out inside the condo, with a few kicks and punches thrown. The fight ended when Mr. Aljameeli made is way into the kitchen, picked up a knife and attacked his friend, causing a serious injury.
Commentary: This is the 2nd story in the past week or so where two friends had a fight over one friend wanting to put the moves on the other friends bargirl! Come on guys! There are thousands of bargirls to choose from! Why do you have to be an asshole and have to have your best friend’s girl too? That’s just being greedy don’t you think???

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