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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

British Man Slips in Piss.. Falls to Death off Balcony..

Thai Visa News reports that a British man fell to his death from a hotel in Udon Thani early on Wednesday morning. The body of Stuart Railton, 54, was found in the car park of the Top Mansion Hotel in Muang district just after 4.45am. A security guard said that Mr Railton had been been staying at the hotel since March 4 and seemed to be acting normally when he returned from a trip at around 3.20pm on Tuesday, 77Jowo reported.

The security guard reported later hearing a thumping noise and told police that he momentarily thought the wall in the car park had collapsed. It wasn’t until he went outside that he saw the body of Mr Railton in the car park. Police investigating searched Mr Railton’s 4th floor room, where they found the door unlocked and no sign of a struggle.

Police said they also found medication in the room and empty beer bottles and an amount of urine on the balcony. Police said they are working on the theory that Mr Railton was drunk and fell while trying to piss from the balcony.

 Commentary: Rumor has it that guests staying in a lower floor room were out on their own balcony smoking a cigarette when they thought it had started raining. However, the skies were clear that night. Moments later the Brit dropped by unannounced….

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