Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bangkok After Hours III - Songkran Partying

BarGirl Gets The Wood.. Batter Up!

After finishing my fun with the Club-X dancer I walked back up to Soi Cowboy and then cut through to Asok Road where I hopped in a taxi to take me to Club Insanity on Soi 12. By the way you don’t have to pay the taxi driver as Club Insanity pays the taxi drivers 100 Baht to bring in customers. The cover charge though is 300 Baht which includes 1 drink. But keep in mind if you spend 200 Baht at the V-8 diner then you get a free pass into Club Insanity but no free drink.

Once inside I surveyed the club looking for any attractive freelancers. The coyotes were dancing so I walked over and gave them flashing LED rings which they loved. Then I got up on the stage to dance and to get a better view of the available girls. By now it was 2:30 a.m. but there were slim pickings that night so I decided to leave and get a taxi back to Soi Cowboy.

The taxi dropped me off on Soi 23 and as I started to walk through Soi Cowboy I spot my favorite Long Gun showgirl (Dee) walking my way! I asked her where she was going and she told me the bar had been slow so they closed early. I asked Dee if she wanted to go dancing and I’d take her to Club Insanity. She smiled her big smile and quickly agreed. I grabbed her hand and walked her back to Long Gun so she could change into a tight form fitting short mini skirt. I hailed a taxi on Asok Road and in 2 minutes we’re at Club Insanity (the 2nd time for me that night). We stopped to get some Thai food outside at the small Thai restaurant on Sukhumvit before going into the club.

I pay the cover charge for the Long Gun dancer and we go inside and I get her a beer and a coke for myself. Then we grab a table next to the dance floor put down our drinks and climbed up on the raised platform to dance. Next to us were 3 young drunk guys in flip flops, holding onto their beers and bouncing around like ducks out of water. Note: Guys you can’t dance in flip flops and it’s pretty universal that it’s not cool to dance on the dance floor holding a beer bottle that you’re going to spill or crack someone in the head with while you attempt to dance! A large bouncer soon came over and scolded the 3 guys and then they put their beers down on a table. The 3 guys tried their best to attract some girls but were pissing most of the girls off as the guys were getting too grabby with their hands. The freelancers might be there looking for a customer but they generally don’t like being handled like a piece of meat in the grocery store guys.

Later on 3 attractive and big breasted ladyboys walk into the club. A short time later the 3 ladyboys decide to dance and the 3 young drunk studs move in to start dancing with the ladyboys. Dee and I had to laugh as it was obvious the 3 young drunk studs had no clue that they were dancing with ladyboys! Their mama’s would be proud I’m sure. Lol.

By 4:00 a.m. I decided to take Dee back to my apartment on Soi 23. We had the taxi stop at Soi Cowboy first so that Dee could walk back to Long Gun and grab her bikini as I told her that I’d take her up to the pool in my hotel in the morning. A few minutes later Dee comes walking back with her bikini in a bag and the taxi makes the short drive down Soi 23 to drop us off.

Back in the room I decided that I wanted to have some extra fun. While Dee showered I made my preparations. After showering to get things warmed up I gave Dee some sexy lingerie to put on that I had bought at MBK mall a couple of days earlier. After she modeled the lingerie for me we moved over to the bed to play. After I pulled off her lacy lingerie I reached over the side of the bed to pick up the can of whipped cream that I had placed there while Dee showered earlier. Then I shook the can and sprayed some whipped cream on the Long Gun showgirl’s nipples and then licked it off while she was giving me a hand job.

Now it was her turn. I sprayed some whipped cream on the head of my now hard cock and had Dee give me a blow job sucking the whipped cream off the end of my dick! Next I grabbed the mini vibrator that I had removed from a vibrating cock ring to hold against Dee’s clit to get her warmed up and wet. After she was good and wet I fucked Dee in a variety of positions for the next 30 minutes.

It was getting late and I was running out of energy so I decided it was time to use my ultimate sex toy. What was that you ask? A banana? A cucumber? No and no! I reached over and picked up a mini wooden baseball bat that I had placed by the headboard of the bed. Then I opened up a lubricated condom and rolled it over the thick end of the bat. Now you should have seen the look on the Long Gun dancers face! Her eyes opened as wide as dinner plates as she realized that I was going to fuck her with the baseball bat! I reassured Dee that I would take it slow and easy and to relax. I applied some KY to the condom for some extra lubrication and then it was “Batter Up!” you might say. I slowly worked the end of the baseball bat into Dee’s pussy and then I grabbed the end of the bat and started using it as a giant 2 foot long dildo as I fucked her hard and fast with it! Talk about giving her the wood!

After I fucked Dee with the baseball bat I decided that the Levitra® that I had taken still had enough power left to get me to get my cock hard at least one more time so I fucked Dee again. It was 6:20 a.m. when I had finally finished with my sexual entertainment. We showered and then I set the alarm clock for 11:00 a.m. and I wrapped my arms around Dee and we fell asleep.

When the alarm woke us in the morning Dee got into her bikini and I gave her one of my tee-shirts to wear on top of it before walking up to the pool on the roof. My room was on top floor which meant that I had direct access to the pool. We enjoyed the water for a couple of hours and then we returned to my room and we fucked again. It was 2:30 p.m. by the time I walked Dee back up to Soi Cowboy!

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