Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hallucinating Finnish tourist evades rescue during late night skinny dip in Pattaya.. The miracle is he didn’t drown!

Thai Visa News report that a hallucinating naked Finnish man spent three hours trying to evade rescue workers after going to for a late night swim in Pattaya on Friday evening. Witnesses say Timo Perttola, 32, who is believed to be on holiday in Pattaya had been drinking in bars along the beachfront when he had what rescue workers described as a ‘strange turn’. Police and rescue workers were called after Timo took off his clothes in front of stunned onlookers before jumping off a pier into the chilly sea water below. More than three hours later and rescue workers were unable to persuade Timo, who by now was more than 1km out at sea, to climb aboard one of their two rescue boats. Timo was apparently convinced the rescuers had come to attack him. Eventually he climbed aboard and was taken to hospital where he received stitches for a small wound. However, no sooner had he been seen to by doctors he checked himself out of hospital and disappeared into the night.

Marine officer Kittichai Satadchacha, 26, said: “The man just ran to the end of the hill and jumped into the water. He swam to the middle of the bay and I hurried to inform staff to help. “I don’t know how anybody can swim in the sea for that long at night time. Whatever he had eaten he had a lot of energy.” A spokesperson for Pattaya City Police said: “He was hallucinating but we don’t know why. He had a slight injuring that he received stitches for but he was very agitated. “After receiving medical treatment he was allowed to return home. We have no explanation for his behavior.”

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