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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Happy ending health massage shut down in Silom in Bangkok - expect more to go the same way, say health ministry…

Thai Visa News reports that a "spa" advertising a massage for health was really a front for more specialist services, said health ministry officials on Friday. A Silom based massage shop operating out of a house in Narathiwat Rachanakharin Soi 3 was raided and immediately shut down. Ministry officials said that more raids can be expected ahead of new regulations coming in in September.

Officials from the Department of Health Promotion joined with Thung Mahamek police to raid the 12 room "The Angel Aroma Pretty Spa @ Silom" premises. A sign out front in English and Japanese offered various discounts for health massages but when officials checked they saw that the establishment did not have the appropriate license.

A website advertising the place under the name angel@silom has an Asian woman with a nice smile and attractive figure on its front page. Manageress Siripanit Inta, 31, was taken in to the station.

It emerged that the spa had been operating for three years offering aroma therapy, gel and oil massage. But also there were ten staff on call who would offer body massage. These were "provocatively" dressed and were found to have no spa or health massage training.

Their service seemed to offer a range of extras. There could be a prison term of one year or a fine of 60,000 baht or both in this case. With new regulations expected to be promulgated from September 27 health ministry officials will be cracking down on all establishments without proper licenses and those found to be operating in contravention of what is stated on their license.

Commentary: First they started targeting the big massage parlors in Bangkok and now authorities are targeting small massage shops with only a dozen girls working there?? Come on now! You’re going to drive everybody seeking some fun to the Philippines!

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