Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, March 3, 2017

More African "tourist" prostitutes targeted as Pattaya Police promise that the clean-up will continue indefinitely….

Thai Visa News reports that more African prostitutes were hauled off the streets this morning as the “Clean up Pattaya’s Image” crackdown continued. reported that “women of color” mostly from Madagascar and Uganda were once again targeted. Some twenty such “tourists”, as they claim, were rounded up last Friday. The raid on Walking Street and Beach Road was conducted at 3am this morning and was led by Netithorn Ratanasuchanan with local cops police volunteers Sanook reported. They rounded up 39 women who were interviewed and had their details recorded at Pattaya police station. Sanook said that all were on tourist visas but were selling themselves. They said they catered to tourists with certain tastes.

The women said they were just on holiday but many claimed to be from countries that did not match their passports. Police said they had observed their behavior and were confident they were all working as prostitutes.
However, there were no reports of any action taken against the women. Police just said that the crackdown would continue as they attempted to clean up Pattaya’s image. And they said the clean up would continue indefinitely.

Commentary: Doesn’t hurt my feelings any. Have you seen some of the women in the photos? We’re talking asses as big as a freaking water buffalo!!! I go to Pattaya to party with slim 40 kilo Thai girls not African hippo’s!

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