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Friday, April 14, 2017

British tourist falls to death from guesthouse in Walking Street

Pattaya One News reports that at around 4:30am in the early hours of April 14th, a British tourist died after falling from the third floor of a guesthouse on the world famous Walking Street in South Pattaya. Police and emergency services arrived onto the scene to find 31-year-old, Mr. Christopher Andrew Laidler, from England, lying seriously injured in the street, struggling to catch a breath, but still alive. He had fallen from the Sweet Heart guesthouse, which is also home to the Sweet Hearts agogo underneath.
Emergency treatment was carried out by the paramedics at the scene, before declaring it safe enough to transport the body to a local hospital for further treatment. Unfortunately, the extent of the injuries suffered were too much, and Mr. Laidler passed away a short time later in hospital.
It is still unknown what caused the victim to fall in the first place. The body was found naked on walking street, but after police had searched his room, they concluded that there were no signs of any struggle. They also noted that all of the victim’s belongings remained untouched, which suggested that Mr. Laidler may have been on his own at the time of the fall.
Police took witness statements from several tourists, who said they were shocked when they suddenly saw a man land straight in front of them, hitting the ground with a loud thud.
Police are also piecing together all the other bits of evidence they can find, in an attempt to solve the case.
CCTV footage will be reviewed and interviews have been planned with staff from the guesthouse where the victim had been staying.

Commentary: Poor guy. My guess is maybe too much to drink and got up to take a piss in his sleep and used the wrong door. So if you were on Walking Street at 4:30am and got sprayed in the face before you heard a thump then you might want to wash your face in some anti-bacterial soap. Just saying...

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