Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, April 10, 2017

Filipino man in hospital after bike smash swerving to avoid coconut on Pattaya Beach Road

Thai Visa News reports that a Filipino tourist was seriously injured after he swerved to avoid a coconut in the road in South Pattaya yesterday. Police and medics were called and found 31 year old Kenneth Sagubay covered in blood with a head wound and a broken arm. Nearby was his Honda Click 125i on its side. The accident happened opposite Bay Walk Residence at 3am Sunday morning. Witness Pranot Phanitpong, 28, said that he was on a bike following the victim as they headed fast towards Walking Street. He saw the tourist swerve to avoid a coconut lying in the road before losing control and colliding with the curb then smacking into a power pole. The victim was taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Commentary: Rumor has it that during the next late night Police sweep of Pattaya Beach that they will be rounding up the usual suspects: African freelancers, ladyboys and all the loose coconuts that they can find….

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