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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Thai man caught on camera threatening western tourist with a baseball bat.

A Thai man was caught on camera threatening a western tourist with a baseball bat.

Footage of the incident was shared to the YouLike Facebook page with a caption which read “welcome to Thailand”. In the footage the western woman can be seen approaching the man as he pulls what looks like a baseball bat out of the back of his white car. The footage also shows a western man, presumably the partner of the woman, who can be seen sitting on a motorbike while the incident takes place.It is not known where the incident happened but people commenting on Facebook thought it took place in Pattaya. The footage was uploaded to Facebook on March 30. It is not known if police are investigating the incident.

Commentary:guess word hasn't gotten to everyone about "Happy Zones".... lol.. Nothing says "Welcome to Thailand" better than a guy waving a baseball bat at you.... But seriously, if you're a tourist on a motorbike and you have an issue with a local driving a car it's best to just forget about it and go about your day. In other words when motorbike versus car the car always wins... Just saying..

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