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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, June 30, 2017

Pattaya bar raids to continue...

Pattaya One News: Banglamung’s district chief defended the seemingly unending series of raids of Pattaya-area bars and nightclubs, saying authorities are simply carrying out orders from the military government.
Naris Niramaiwong met with reporters June 21 to try to quell the growing chorus of criticism online about repeated busts at pubs and gentlemen’s clubs. Many online users, both Thai and foreign, are complaining that authorities are overdoing it and are damaging Pattaya’s reputation with the constant stream of negative news.
Naris said district officials are under orders from the junta to wipe out human trafficking, crime, prostitution, drugs and guns. But he noted that the government orders align with the mission of police and the military to wipe out illegal activities.
He denied online assertions that authorities are only raiding establishments that aren’t paying “tea money”, or regular bribes to continue operating outside the law. He denied police or other authorities received any kind of weekly or monthly bribe.
The bottom line, Naris said, is that officials are just doing their jobs, will continue to do their jobs and that the raids will continue.
Commentary: As I've been saying, the locals are dancing to the tune the Army is playing from Bangkok. They have no choice right now to do it any other way.

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