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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, June 30, 2017

Why I don’t do long time…..

There are many reasons why I don’t do long time with bar girls and freelancers even though over the long run it would be more cost effective to go long time with one girl versus short time with 3 or 4 girls each night. Now I’m not saying I never go long time just that 95% of the time I’m go to opt for short time fun several times a night. Here are my reasons why.

1: I simply enjoy the chase too much looking for the hottest dancers and bar hopping all night. If I settled for just one girl I’d be bored after a few hours and be wishing I was still bar hopping.

2: I enjoy my entertainment and lot’s of it which is why I prefer the show bars versus beer bars. Again, I get bored easily which is one drawback to Phnom Penh. Sure, you can find lots of girls but there are no gogo bars or show bars. Unless you’re an alcoholic you’ll be bored to tears after 3 or 4 nights especially if you’re like me and don’t drink beer for the most part.

3: I’m competitive. I enjoy going for the showgirls in the gogo bars and being the guy that walks out with a talented showgirl or star of the bar. Yes, I know it costs me more but I budget accordingly and that’s simply what rocks my world so why not? There are plenty of other girls for everybody else.

4: Come 9am I’m ready to wake up any freelancer that I brought home from a disco at 5am and tell her to get dressed as I’ve got things to do. Last night was great but today is a new day and I’m ready to hit it again but with someone new. I’m not wasting my time with a freelancer that’s totally crashed and passed out in my hotel bed until 2pm in the afternoon.

I simply like to keep moving which is why you’ll rarely see me in the same bar for more than 15 to 30 minutes. If I’m not feeling entertained I’m out of there and on to the next bar full of dancers on stage.

Is it more expensive to get a full-service massage at 3pm, pick a dancer from a gogo for short time at 7pm, another dancer at 9:30pm and then again after midnight and then a disco freelancer at 5am than to go long time with just one girl that you like? Yes, it is. But I keep it simple. I don’t get attached to any one girl and if I do want to see the same girl again then I’ll take her short time the next night. It simply keeps things simple for me and for her while keeping all of my options open. 

I know not everyone can budget in this manner but I do plan my budget around keeping myself entertained this way. As for hotels, the cost isn’t the most important factor. Location is. The more adult entertainment venues that I can walk to without having to spend time in a taxi is the most important factor for me when choosing a hotel be it in Bangkok, Pattaya, Angeles City, Phnom Penh, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Singapore.

It’s how I roll…

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