Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, July 14, 2017

An alarming video has revealed what has caused disgusting waste water to pollute Pattaya beach. The sewers are going right into the water. This includes shit, vomit, chemical waste, food waste, and everything else”. The post claimed that three pipes at various points along the beach road all run into the sea.

Thai Visa news reports that video footage of black water, sludge and stinking rubbish polluting the beach was first reported by Sophon Cable TV on Thursday, leading to the beach being dubbed an ‘environmental disaster zone’. Now a video shared on Facebook has revealed the reason why the wastewater and other disgusting matter has been washed up on the beach. A video posted to the Facebook page True Pattaya apparently showed city sewers running directly into the sea. A caption which accompanied the footage read: “Pattaya dirty secret. 
“There are 3 tubes like this. One at North Beach road at the top, this one close to soi 6 and another at the entrance of Walking Street. In Jomtien Beach it is exactly the same. Another exit is close to Cozy Beach at Pratukmak. Their exit is a about 300 meters offshore where people cannot see”, the post read.

Commentary: Best to remember this article guys when you start thinking about taking a swim or renting a jet-ski on Pattaya Beach. Entering that polluted water pretty much guarantee’s you’ll end up with either an eye or ear infection.

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