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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, July 10, 2017

Bangkok Bunnies in Nana Plaza Goes Bonkers And Abolishes Bar Fines!!!

Stickboy Bangkok reports that from this Monday, July 10, Bangkok Bunnies on the ground floor of Nana Plaza will not be charging customers a bar fine to take a dancer out the bar.
There’s no minimum spend, there’s no minimum quota of lady drinks you need to buy the dancing dollybird you’d like to get to know better. There’s no anything as long as you are in the bar and having a drink.
So next week if you are in Bunnies having a drink and one of the girls takes your fancy and you both work out the details of your night ahead, then off you go without having to go into your wallet and hand over any cash to the bar.
Of course, you can’t just walk in the door, stand there and point out 2 or 3 girls you’d like to take. That would just be taking the piss and the owner knows some will try it on but he wants to do something different and there has to be some measure of “good faith” on the part of the customer.
How will this pan out? I’ve no idea but I bet Bunnies will be packed all week with punters looking to save anything from 700-1500 baht that go-go’s charge for a bar fine these days. I’m not even mentioning that 5k madness from some Cowboy bars. That’s stupid money.
Will it last? Only time will tell… so get in there while the going is good. Bangkok Bunnies opens daily from 7pm.

Commentary: Is it that slow in Bangkok that bars are getting desperate enough to bring in customers by abolishing bar fines to take our dancers? Good for guys looking to save some baht that's for sure! With no bar fines the bar might get emptied out of dancers pretty early on of course that does depend on the quality of the dancers but I'm sure there will be plenty of guys on a budget that will take advantage. Of course that dancers short time rate might be double now as she’s probably going to have to give a cut back to the bar.  Update: Word has it that there is a 3 lady drink minimum according to barmongers that have recently been there.

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