Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Excerpt from Angeles City After Hours: Chapter 4: Super cute 19 year old bar girl…

After I left Club Atlantis I spent my time bar hopping in several small bars and as I did I kept running into these small groups of cute girls wearing massage uniforms on Walking Street and Fields Avenue. They would hand me a business card with the shop name and their name written on the back. You could call 24 hours a day to have massage girl sent to your room. Now what I discovered later was that you could break these freelance massage girls into 3 separate teams.

The first team would be wearing massage uniforms and would have a small backpack with a towel and massage supplies. They would also be wearing id cards around their necks. Very professional all in all. These girls were legit and would only give you a massage and some hand service. Nothing more. By the way the in-room massage fee? 400 pesos! About $8.40 U.S.! Within minutes I had a handful of massage shop cards from different girls.

Now the second team of girls would be wearing massage uniforms and have id cards but would not have a bag or towel. These girls offered full service yet the one time I tried to take a girl back to the hotel they wouldn’t let her in as they had a policy that the massage girl had to bring her own towel. Guess the hotel had been burned a couple of times with some of these girls.

The third team of massage girls would not be wearing massage uniforms and did not have id cards either. That’s a big red flag! There is no way you want to take a cute freelance massage girl in Angeles City off the street with no id card back to your hotel. You could end up being scammed and having to pay a nice big fine to get out of trouble if a cop came knocking on your door asking where the girls id card is and there have been plenty of horror stories about this particular scam. It’s not worth taking the risk.

Next I popped in and out of Skytrax and High Society discos but it was too early and they were empty. I ended back up at Club Atlantis for their midnight show and what the waitress had told me about the best girls being bar fined by 10:30pm was true. Over half the girls in the club were already gone by midnight and that half was the best looking of all the girls!

After the shows I went back out to Walking Street and took a look in Red bar. I saw a cute girl on stage with a friendly smile that drew my attention. A waitress saw me admiring the dancer and asked if I wanted to take the dancer and the waitress together. Tempting but I told the waitress that I only had enough cash to take the dancer back to my hotel.

I bought the dancer a drink and found out that she was 19 years old and had only been dancing 2 months. She had a nice firm body and hadn’t had a baby. She had a great smile and sense of humor too which I love. She initially wanted a tip of 3,000 pesos but settled on 2,400. That was good enough for me so she went to change her clothes. When she returned she looked great wearing a short tight dress. I told her that I’d take her to High Society where we could dance first before going back to the hotel. After spending an hour in the disco, I decided it was a good time to head back to my hotel as it was only 1:00am and my energy levels were still high enough. This girl turned out to be a great choice in both her personality and performance. I even gave her a red lace t-back thong to wear and told her it was hers. She loved it. After we were finished our more intimate entertainment I gave her the option of going home or staying the night and she chose to spend the night.
In the morning, I woke her up to go for a second round. She asked me: “Why are you so horny?” Lol…..  (She didn’t really need to know about the Viagra I had taken did she?)

It was 10:00am when I finally walked her out of my room in the Pacific Breeze Hotel. Not bad at all to spend all night with a cute and sexy 19-year-old Filipino bar girl for a 2,400 pesos ($50 US dollars) tip. Certainly, a better deal than I could have gotten with a dancer in Bangkok or Pattaya.

That’s Angeles City After Hours… Available as an ebook on Amazon.

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