Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Free Freelancers versus Paying for Short Time Rentals....

I often read posts on the Pattaya forums from mostly younger guys that are in better shape and with all their hair still and how they got a freelancer to go back to the hotel with them for free. Well I’m in my late 50’s now, bald and not in the best of shape so I don’t run into those girls but even if I did I’d pass on them. Why? Call me suspicious but I like to minimize any drama. A freelancer that tells you she will come back to your hotel late night for free may just want a nice air conditioned room since her place doesn’t have a/c. But it also means that you’ll feel obligated to let her sleep until noon instead of kicking her ass to the curb at 9am so you can go eat some breakfast. Right? There’s also the additional risk that she may hit you up for a larger sum than normal even though she said “no pay” at the club and then make a big scene of it in the morning and you’ll end up paying more just to get the screaming bitch out the door.

Worst case scenario is that the free freelancer might just be looking for the chance to drug your drink back in your hotel room and clean out your safe while you’re passed out. (It happens a lot guys). Personally, I’d rather pass on a “free offer” and just pay so that I know that I can get rid of her early in the morning without feeling guilty about it. Not really my problem if she lives an hour away and has to take 2 different motorbike taxi’s to get home. Yeah, that sounds harsh but when I’m traveling I’m there to spend my time the way I want to spend it not the way someone else wants to spend it. If the freelancer is on the meter then you get to decide when to turn it off, open the door and say have a nice day. But if you take a freelancer for “free” than the odd’s of some kind of drama goes way, way up. Why take the risk to save a little bit of cash? It’s just not worth my time and effort.

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