Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, September 10, 2017

12 Ugandan Freelancers Rounded Up on Walking Street..

Pattaya One News reports that 12 more suspected prostitutes from Uganda have been rounded by Pattaya police on Friday September 8th at around 3am. All of the suspects were found roaming around the Walking street area in South Pattaya and were all taken down to Pattaya police station to be charged with prostitution. As we all know, prostitution is highly illegal in Thailand and does not exist, which is why the police in Pattaya hold regular crackdowns, especially in the Walking street area as there have been several reports that prostitution still goes on in the area.
A large team of twenty police officers got together and set out their plan for the evening. The crackdown started at approximately 3am and within moments they had already found several Ugandan women touching up foreign clients, offering sexual services in exchange for money.
Pol Lt Col Korn Somkhaney said Pattaya police station, where he is deputy chief, would be running regular patrols to arrest prostitutes and are working to rid Pattaya of all prostitutes, especially the foreign ones, as it looks to clean up the city’s image and continue the transformation into a “family friendly”, world class beach resort.
Commentary:  Damn! Look at the Ugandan freelancer in the white floral dress on the right! Who the fuck is going to pay her even 500 baht for a short time? I'd throw her 500 baht to distract her long enough for me to run before she ate me for dinner! What a cow! So this plan to clean up Pattaya has worked out so well. They've driven out the ladyboys and now the Ugandan hookers have taken their place!

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