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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ladyboy makes off with 55,000 Baht after night of passion with Swiss man..

Pattaya One News reports that a ladyboy has been arrested and charged with theft after admitting to stealing a Swiss man’s credit card after a late night romp in Walking Street. Everything seemed normal for the tourist after he had enjoyed a bit of fun with the ladyboy which he had willingly picked up from Walking Street, late at night. A short while later, however, he realized that his credit card was missing, but thought nothing of it and decided that he would deal with the problem the following day. Unfortunately for him, he could a nasty shock the following day when he realized that over 55,000 baht had been spent using his missing card. The only conclusion was that the ladyboy had stolen it and so he went straight to the police to file a report. After filing the report and giving police a very accurate description of the suspect, it didn’t take police long at all to track down and make the arrest of the culprit.
The suspect, Sutthipong Lamsoong, 33, told police that Raffael Denungs, 29, had taken him to his room, but after their romp, he felt the need to steal the Swiss man’s credit card. Mr. Denum showed police a bank statement showing a total of 55,828 baht in goods had been run up on his card.
This was not the first time Sutthipong had stolen from a tourist. As well as admitting this particular incident, he also asked police to add the charge to a previous incident involving an Irish man. Police charged the suspect for both incidents for theft.
Amazingly, the Swiss tourist was happy to smile for the cameras with police and local chief Apichai Krobpetch, after all was said and done.
Commentary: Once the ladyboy admitted to stealing the Swiss tourists credit card the ladyboy said what the hell, go ahead and charge me with stealing from an Irish tourist too! WTF??? An honest ladyboy freelancer! Well, partially honest anyway. Lol….. As for the Swiss tourist, he got the satisfaction of having the thieving ladyboy quickly caught by the police and the bonus of having his picture taken with the police chief and published in Pattaya One. He also learned a valuable lesson that some short times are more expensive than others. I bet his mom and dad are going to be so proud! Or possibly cut him out of any future inheritance for being so stupid. Lol…

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