Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Old Aussie couple ignore red flag at Phuket's Kamala beach - wife drowns…

ThaiVisa News reports that an Australian woman drowned in Phuket after an aging couple ignored no swimming flags and went for a dip on Sunday afternoon at Kamala Beach. Lifeguards said a large wave carried off both Ivan Fichtrovic, 75, and his wife Barbara, 65. The lifeguards managed to save the husband but it took longer to locate the wife and bring her to shore. Despite CPR performed by Kamala Rescue and tourists helping out she was already dead when an ambulance arrived to take her to Patong hospital. The incident happened opposite the Kamala police station and lifeguards told police that the tourists had entered the water despite there being red flags forbidding swimming due to the stormy weather and high waves. They said a large wave carried the couple out and only the husband could be saved, reported Daily News.

Commentary: There’s a reason lifeguards put out those red no swimming warning flags people! In other words, you swim and you die! What’s so hard to understand?

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