Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Deer Versus Human Smack Down Challenge….

After eating my diet dinner of kale salad and egg whites I went for a 20 minute walk. As I was walking down the path I looked over to my right and saw a deer with this huge set of antlers staring right back at me not more than 10 feet away! Fuck! That’s bad! Why? October is deer mating season and those big bucks get aggressive and have been known to charge at humans in order to protect their turf filled with ready to mate doe’s. Basically, the wild kingdom’s version of Soi 6 in Pattaya. I’m thinking this is a big buck deer versus human smack down challenge about to happen live! So, I steeled my nerves, looked the deer straight in the eyes macho human to big buck style and said: 

“Listen up Mr. Buck! I’m about to go on vacation this coming weekend. I’m not here for your pussy and I don’t expect you to fuck up mine. So, here’s the deal. I have a certain skill set, honed over many years. If you charge at me and stick those 2-foot-long antlers into my ass injuring me so badly that I have to cancel my vacation I will become your worst nightmare. I will track you down to your spot in the woods, I will find you and what happens next won’t be pleasant. I promise you that! I will skin your ass and turn your hide into a nice pair of deerskin gloves for me to wear this winter. I will take your carcass to the butcher and have him turn you into venison burgers and last but not least I will mount that impressive rack of antlers you have onto the hood of my Toyota as a warning to other big bad bucks like you! Just saying…. 

What happened? The big buck let me pass unscathed after much reflection on what I had said. See? Not all of my adventures involve bar girls! 

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