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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Phuket lifeguard chief blasts tour operators, hotels over tourist drownings

Phuket News: The President of the Phuket Lifeguard Club has blasted tour operators and hotels for not doing enough to warn tourists of the dangers of Phuket’s lethal surf at this time of year. The call by PLC President Prathaiyut Chueayuan for greater action to save lives follows a horror week in which five people, including three tourists, died after succumbing to the powerful waves, and one Russian tourist was rescued from the Phuket surf in just six days. “Most of the victims are tourists who ignored the red ‘no swimming’ flags and warning signs and lifeguards verbal warnings,” Mr Prathaiyut told The Phuket News. “But did they really know how dangerous the Andaman Sea is during the southwestern monsoon? Tour guides and hotel and resort staff should warn their customers and guests about how dangerous the sea is at this time of year.”

Mr Prathaiyut said that he understood that many tourists paid a lot of money to come to Phuket and wanted to enjoy the beach during their holiday here.

“Some days the weather is still good enough to be on the beach, and when they see the beautiful beach and alluring color of the sea, it is hard for them to resist going into the water.

“But they might not be aware of the danger of the sea in the monsoon season and simply ignore the warnings,” he said.

Mr Prathaiyut urged all beach-goers, tourists and locals alike, to heed warnings by lifeguards. “And especially so after lifeguards have ended their beach patrols, which are from 8:30am till 6:30pm,” he said.

He also called on local officials to do more to warn swimmers.
“If tourists realized how dangerous it is, they would be more careful with their own lives. It is a very sensitive issue as we have no legal right to prevent anyone from going into the sea,” Mr Prathaiyut added.

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