Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Angeles City After Hours: Go Hard or Go Home - A Sex Vacation

All about one bar mongers all night partying and wild sexual adventures with 20 year old Filipino bar girls, models, cherry girls and several sets of sisters while enjoying threesomes and overall pretty much off the wall sex with a variety of sex toys from dusk till dawn. 

Let's face it guys do you really want to live until you're 85 years old, have dementia and then flat line into a bowl of oatmeal at the nursing home or do you want to "go hard" with a sexy 20 year old bar girl riding you on top until your heart pops like a balloon? I know which one I'd choose. Go Hard or Go Home!

Read it today! 


1: Arrival in Clark from Seoul
2: First Night in Angeles City
3: Bikini Model & Me
4: Sexy Bad Bitch in a T-back Bikini
5: Pegged by a Bisexual Babe
6: Blow Job Virgin
7: Rockstar Status
8: Perimeter Road Bars
9: Chose 1 out of 3 – Poor Choice
10: Bar Hopping & Settling on the Waitress
11: Crushed by a Bar Girl Stampede
12: Daytime Routine
13: Pre-Cum. Tastes Like Ice Cream. (I Lied)
14: Threesome Fun with a Blow Job Virgin
15: Treating the Ladyboys to some Bling
16: Sweet Cherry & Her Sister too!
17: Saturday Bikini Contest
18: Tomboy Girls 1st Anal Fun
19: Quest for a Bikini Contestant Model
20: Dancer wants Husband
21: Sexy Door Girl at 3:30am
22: Eight is Enough
23: Two Pairs of Sisters
24: Four More Girls = 16 in 48 Hours
25: Last Day: Going Hard & Going Home

The complete trip report for newbies can be downloaded as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

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