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Monday, November 13, 2017

Angeles City Bar Review: Arcadia Club – November 2017

Arcadia Club is one of the larger bars on Walking Street that’s located on the same side as High Society and not far from it. It’s one of the Korean bars on Walking Street with mostly Korean customers but it’s open and friendly enough for non-Koreans to pop in for a drink and a chat with the dancers. What’s most interesting about Arcadia is that it stays open until 5:00am long after the other bars have closed and even as late as 4:30am you’ll walk in and still find 40 dancers packed on it’s stage!!!! So, if you can’t find a freelancer late night at High Society just head down to Arcadia and see if you can find girl on stage that you like. The barfine is 3,000 peso’s which is the going rate for Walking Street but I have to tell you that in my opinion they would do better to lower the barfine to 2,500 as the quality of the dancers overall is a bit lacking compared to what else you can find on Walking Street.

I dropped by Arcadia Club one night around 3:30am in early November and out of 40 girls on stage I’d only consider 1 in 20 the type that I would personally barfine. That’s just 2 girls out of 40 on stage! Every few songs the girls do a rotation around the stage so that you do get to check all of the girls out more easily. On the night I was there I saw one cute cherry girl of a spinner but it must have been her first night on the stage. She was so shy that she hid her face behind another dancer and wouldn’t look at me as she shuffled around the stage. I saw another cute spinner that I did buy a drink for and that I would have barfined but she said that she was on her period. Hmmmm. Maybe, maybe not. From what I could tell from several visits was that the cutest girls, especially the ones that wore blond wigs had eyes only for the Korean customers and vice versa.
I do admit however that I put almost zero effort into trying to barfine one of the cute girls. Not because I didn’t have enough pesos left but only because on most days I had already been barfining girls as early as 12 noon and by the time 4am rolled around 16 hours later my mind might still be willing but my body was pretty much a lump of worthless clay by that time and you can only take so many Viagra tablets even cutting them into smaller 25mg doses and still live to tell the tale without flatlining of a heart attack by dawn.
Now even though 95% of the girls on stage are no better looking than your average Kokomos waitress the Arcadia girls are a fun, very lively bunch of ladies even at 4:00am and that enthusiasm late night can balance out the fact that they might not be the most beautiful or have the best bodies of the dancers on Walking Street. I can give you a funny example. One night I stopped in Arcadia around 4am and there weren’t too many customers other than a few Korean guys. I go up to the stage and sit at a bar stool and order a drink from the waitress. My drink of choice at 4am? Bottled water of course! As I wait for my drink I reached into my trusty pickpocket proof cargo pants pocket and pulled out a bag full of inexpensive silver plated rings. (Got to love those bulk ebay purchases from China!)
Then I reached in the bag and grabbed a hand full  of rings and held them out to the nearest dancer. Well, I didn’t have to ask twice as she was soon picking a ring. This quickly had a ripple effect among the 40 girls on stage as the rest of the dancers all started poking their heads over the shoulders of other dancers to see what the commotion was. Once word had spread that I was giving the girls FREE rings it became a bargirl blitz feeding frenzy as the dancers jockeyed for position they all started just shoving their hands in my face yelling “Me! Me! Me!” Lol.. All of this activity also got the attention of every server girl in Arcadia as they soon joined in on the action.

This pretty much left the few Korean guys in the bar completely bewildered and ignored to the point that even they got up out of their chairs to walk over to see what the fuck I was doing to create such a scene in the bar at 4am. Fortunately, I had planned ahead and had enough rings for every girl on the stage and the service girls too. As I sat there enjoying my ice-cold bottle of water I couldn’t help but laugh as the girls admired the new bling on their fingers. Yes girls. There is a Santa Claus and his name is Alex and Christmas came early this year!

The very next night I decided to visit Arcadia Club again around the same time of 4am. As soon as I walked through the curtains into the bar the girls on stage saw me and they spontaneously broke out screaming at me loud enough that I’m pretty sure that you could have heard them over the music in High Society up the street. It was if I was Justin Bieber and they were the crazy bargirls fan club! I have to admit their overwhelming fan reaction caught me by surprise and literally stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t help but laugh as I once again made my way up to a bar stool by the stage. It didn’t take long until some dancers were leading other girls my way asking for a ring as they weren’t in the bar the previous night. What did I do? I reached in my pocket and I pulled out another bag of rings to give to the girls that had missed out previously.

Even though Arcadia might not employ the highest ratio of beauties in Angeles City you have to give them bonus points for being able to keep an enthusiastic and fun bunch of 40 girls on a stage until 5am.  Isn’t that all a barmonger can really ask for when bar hopping late night when all of the other bars have already closed???

That’s Arcadia Club in Angeles City After Hours…

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