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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Angeles City Bar Review: Club Asia – Nov. 2017

I first discovered the joys of Club Asia during the tail end of my trip to Angeles City in January 2016 and quickly found out that although they featured a smaller number of girls than Club Atlantis, Crystal Club or Dollhouse the girls they did feature were younger, prettier, had flatter tummys and often were brand new to dancing as in within days. Always a good combination in my book! Although the bar itself is quite large the stage is long and narrow and typically features only about 10 girls at a time dancing. That’s not bad as you can quickly get a good look and chat it up with several girls while sitting at a bar stool by the stage.

But back to the present. I was looking forward to once again hitting up Club Asia during my most recent trip to Angeles City the first week in November. I finally found some extra time towards the end of my stay and headed down to Club Asia at 7pm sharp. I knew from past experience that this was an ideal time as usually there were few if any customers in Club Asia at this time of night. I don’t know why but for a bar right on Walking Street it just never seems to pull in a crowd early or later. Perhaps a cool neon sign outside would help attract guys into the bar. I don’t know. But the best way to describe Club Asia is that it’s like a Jollibee’s. The customers that go there seem to know what they want before stepping inside and go in to make a quick and tasty selection for takeout. You don’t necessarily want to hang out there for an hour or two.

On this particular night I found myself being the only customer in the bar that early so I grabbed a bar stool right by the stage. I ordered a bottled of water and then chatted it up with a couple of nearby dancers. There were several young spinners on stage with flat tummys which is what I like. I waved one dancer over for a drink and got to talking with her more. She had only been working in the bar 2 nights! Got to love that! One of the waitresses came up to me and started chatting too. It seemed that she actually remembered me from my previous trip back in January 2016!  Of course, that flashing LED pendant that I wear around my neck when I go bar hopping does make me memorable I guess. We chatted briefly and then I ordered the dancer a drink. 

Anyway, by the time the waitress brought the dancer over her drink I had told her that I was barfining the dancer and the dancer quickly left to change her clothes. All in all, I was probably in the bar less than 10 to 15 minutes before I walked out of the door of Club Asia with my prize and up to my room in Kokomos. I made it a rather quick short time of about an hour and then walked the dancer back to Club Asia where I was in luck as the 2nd spinner that I liked was still there so I waved her down from the stage and immediately barfined her too. (Thank god for generic Viagra and Red Bull).
I consider Club Asia to be a definitely “must stop in” bar during your nightly barhopping but only if you like young, fresh friendly and attractive girls with flat tummy’s that haven’t had a baby yet. If you don’t like that type of cute girl then by all means don’t go to Club Asia at 7pm. It would be best that you go to a Perimeter Road bar to bar fine one of the water buffalo’s and leave the young, cute spinners to other bar mongers like me. But if you do visit Club Asia be sure to do it early, bring 3,000 pesos for the barfine and be faster than the Korean customers in pulling that pretty, young dancer with a guitar string tight body that sweet sexy dreams are made of off the stage. You’ll be glad that you did! 

Club Asia seems to be either a training ground for shy, brand new dancers before the Dollhouse Group sends them off to one of their busier and bigger bars or the person doing the hiring has much better eyesight and luck in finding the sweetest cherries on the tree before the other bars do. Either way it works for me because Club Asia puts the kind of cute thin spinners on stage that I personally like to barfine.

That’ Club Asia in Angeles City After Hours….


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