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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Angeles City Bar Review: Club Atlantis – Nov. 2017

Now before I ever started traveling to Angeles City I spent 10 years vacationing once to twice a year in Bangkok and Pattaya. I got very used to partying with slim 18 to 20-year-old Thai girls with drum tight tummy’s that you could bounce coins off of into shot glasses. I know that everyone has different tastes but that’s just the type of girls that I like and in Thai bars there are plenty of girls like this to be found without having to search more than 2 minutes. In Angeles City girls with tight bodies like this are a much rarer breed and you have to start early in the evening as in 6:30pm – 7:00pm and then work it hard in your search for girls like this. That’s just the reality of the Filipino bargirl scene in Angeles and you’re not competing against individual Korean guys that also like this type of girl but rather small groups of Korean guys. If you want the prize you had better damn well be prepared to move your ass and get the girl you want before the Korean customers do!

Despite all of this I had been eagerly awaiting my return to Angeles City the first week in November and stopping in Club Atlantis, the “big dog” of the Walking Street gogo’s featuring some 200 dancers. Club Atlantis without a doubt has been the dominant player among the showbars in Angeles City for years and during my last trip in January 2016 I had barfined several of the dancers and generally had a very good time each night that I visited the bar.

During my recent visit I stopped in Club Atlantis as early as 7pm to see as many of the girls that I could wearing their bikinis on stage as well as the girls on the 2nd floor balcony. Even this early in the evening Club Atlantis would be already packed to the rafters with Korean customers waiting to barfine the cutest girls. One thing about Club Atlantis and that is that they do a really damn good job in regard to maintaining a party atmosphere and the fun factor for both the customers and the girls on stage. Even with a stage full of girls they are often very interactive with the customers as Koreans make it rain 20 peso bills from the 2nd floor balcony or the girls toss long thin balloons into the crowd that the server girls then every so helpfully instruct the customers to attach 20 baht notes or more to the end of the balloons and then toss them back onto stage for the girls to retrieve. Sure, it’s all a game but it’s a game that works over and over again every night. Club Atlantis even has these party popper tubes that guys can shove cash into and then pop the tube towards the stage blowing confetti and cash towards the waiting girls. All in all, it’s a bit like a News Years Eve party every night of the week. I even watched 3 pole dancers that were reasonably entertaining. The pole dancers quite frankly aren’t as hot looking or have as tight a body as their Thai Pole Cat counterparts in Sapphire Club in Pattaya but they’re entertaining to watch all the same.

Now normally in a big gogo bar with 200 dancers you would think that at least 10% of the girls (20 dancers) would be top girls that you would want to add to your personal “to do” list. Right? But I have to tell you guys the sad truth is that in the current line up in Club Atlantis the percentage of my “to do” girls is only 0.5%. That’s right. Just one girl out of 200 dancers! I had spotted a dancer that was slim, very pretty and had the tightest, flattest tummy out of all 200 dancers in Club Atlantis. (I know because I waited to watch both shifts of dancers to make sure). To make sure I visited Club Atlantis on 3 different nights and came to the same conclusion each night. There was just 1 dancer in 200 that met my criteria for barfine material! What the hell???  On one of those nights I eventually waved a waitress over and pointed out the girl on stage that I wanted to bring over for a drink. The waitress used her laser pointer to signal the girl and soon she was sitting beside me. This girl was super pretty and I wasted no time in buying her a drink and engaging in some light conversation. How old are you? 20 years old? Great! How long have you worked in the bar? 2 weeks? Fantastic! Is this your first bar? Yes? Bingo!  I quickly gave her my intention to barfine her. But that’s when she hit me with that dreaded phrase “I’m having my menstruation)”. Damn! Maybe it was true or maybe it was total bullshit and she was just holding out for a Korean customer since it was still early and I had no doubt that this was the type of girl the Koreans would barfine very quickly. 

Since there were no other dancers out of the 200 girls dancing that I had an interest in barfining I waved the waitress over and paid my drink bin. Even though Club Atlantis has plenty of “fun factor” going for it I would have enjoyed sitting there enjoying that fun more if I was with the type of girl that I like to barfine and one that was going to be heading back to my hotel room with me later after watching some shows in Club Atlantis. That’s just how I roll!

Still I consider Club Atlantis a “must stop inside” bar whenever you find yourself in Angeles City. Next week there might be more cute spinners with flat tummy’s to choose from. Or you might like girls with a bit of bounce to their belly and dancers do constantly come and go in a big gogo showbar.

As for whoever is in charge currently of hiring the dancers in Club Atlantis I think that they’re in serious need of an eye exam and a new pair of prescription eye glasses. Just saying…

That’s Club Atlantis in Angeles City After Hours…


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