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Monday, November 13, 2017

Angeles City Bar Review: Club XS - November 2017

Anyone that has followed my trips through Bangkok, Pattaya and the rest of Asia knows that when my feet hit the ground the first thing I do is bar hop like a madman for the first 2 to 3 nights hitting as many bars as I can. Why? Research baby! I want to know which bars have the youngest, prettiest dancers with the best body’s and some flat hard tummy’s that you can bounce coins off of into a shot glass. Next, I want to see which bars have the best party atmospheres. Is the bar lively? Are the door girls, waitresses and mamasan working the crowd to get you in the party mood? Are the girls on stage smiling? Is the lighting decent so that I can see the girls on stage? What about the layout? Am I going to be able to get a good seat to watch the eye candy? Overall, I want bar where the atmosphere makes it your birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve every time you walk into the bar! And finding that takes a lot of bar hopping on my part. But once I’ve narrowed my choices then I will go in and out of just a select few bars every night for the remaining part of my trip. I become a regular customer where virtually “everybody” on the staff knows my name. Well, at least the server girls, mamasan, manager and the hottest dancers. That’s just how I roll so now let’s get on with a bar review of what I consider to be hands down the best showbar there is in Angeles City, Philippines!

Club XS is my #1 Rated 5 Star Showbar *****

What can I say about Club XS except that if I was going to design a perfect gogo bar for Angeles City then Club XS would be what I’d design!  First let’s start with the girls. There are 185 ladies working here guys!!! If you can’t find at least a dozen girls that you want to buy drinks for and barfine in Club XS then pack your suitcase and call your ex-wife and tell her you’re coming home! It’s no exaggeration for me to say that the Club XS girls are the cream of the crop among the models and dancers working in Angeles City. The average age of the dancers that I talked to was between 20 and 24 years old. You’re not going to find any granny dancers in here guys! Club XS is like a beauty magnet that attracts and keeps the most beautiful and friendly girls that you will find anywhere in Angeles City. Why would you go anywhere else?

All of the guys I know say only good things about the manager of Club XS. I got to talking to him in length one night about the bar business and ladies in general and I can tell you that he understands what we want in a showbar guys because he’s one of us! He’s a guy that’s in the top 5% of partiers that has partied hard and like me and some of you other guys I know will spend what it takes to make him happy. Let me also add that all of the dancers I talked to love the bar manager too because he treats his girls like the gold they are. He insures that the girls and staff are always working to provide that fun party atmosphere up until the bar closes at 3am each night. You will never find it boring in Club XS as something is always happening.

My recommendation is do what I did and get to the bar early each night guys as in 6:30 to 7:00pm. The competition to be the guy that buys a drink for and barfines the most beautiful girls you’ll find in Angeles City is fierce so be prepared to up your game, bring a wallet full of 1,000 peso notes and play to win. Because the winner in the battle of the barfines walks out with the most beautiful girls on stage and the losers settle for the waitresses but let me also add that I barfined one of the waitresses not because she was as beautiful as one of the models but simply because she was a fun friendly girl that made sure I had a good time each time I visited Club XS. She had only been working a few weeks and hadn’t gone with any customers yet but after a few days I liked her so much that I decided to be the first to barfine her. After that other waitresses asked me to barfine them too so I guess the word spread that I was open to barfining the service staff too. The waitresses learned that they didn’t need to be as beautiful as the models on stage for me to barfine them. Just be friendly, funny and good to talk to.

Club XS is where it’s happening every night guys in Angeles City. You’ve got the models that they take the time to introduce one by one and where she walks out to the center of stage so that you can get a good look at her and of course you have the spotlight dancers and regular in miniskirts girls as well. But even the “B” team of dancers in Club XS would qualify as the “A” team in the majority of the other bars in Angeles City. But if you don’t believe me spend a bit of time bar hopping around. The “A” team girls in many of the other bars would be the waitresses in Club XS!
I have no doubt that you will decide like I did that the only real bar you need to be in every night from opening to close in Angeles City is Club XS.

That’s Angeles City After Hours…

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