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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, November 13, 2017

Angeles City Bar Review: Crystal Palace – Nov. 2017

During my first trip to Angeles City in January 2016 I spent a lot of time in Crystal Palace for no other reason than it was packed with the kind of pretty girls with flat tummy’s that I like dancing on the stage and sitting in the 2nd floor balcony. As a result, I barfined many of the dancer’s night after night.

Coming back to Angeles City the first week in November this year I was really looking forward to picking up where I left off last time you might say. The first night I stopped in Crystal Palace around 7pm not much was happening. There were almost no customers, girls were on stage but no girls in the balcony. I thought it might just be an off night so I decided not to stay. That Saturday was the Scorebirds Bikini contest in which all of the contestants are from the Dollhouse Group of Bars: Crystal Palace, Club Atlantis, Dollhouse, Club Asia and Pony Tails. The great thing about this contest is that the girls wear small round signs on their legs with the name of the bar that they work in. That makes narrowing down where to look for the hotties later much easier.

There was one tall girl with a slim waist that I liked and I saw that she worked at Crystal Palace. Ok then! I knew where I was going that night! Later in the evening right at 7pm I headed straight to Crystal Palace and showed the waitress a photo of the girl that I was looking for. Unfortunately for me a guy had already beat me to the girl. Damn! I simply told her that I’d be interested in seeing her next time before I went on my way. The next night I stopped by looking for her but she wasn’t there. So far, I wasn’t making much progress. 

Finally, on the 3rd night I saw that she was on stage but I was getting a “I’m bored as fuck and don’t want to be bothered vibe” from her. Never one to give up that easy on the prize I had the waitress wave her down for a drink. Well, she just wasn’t into any conversation at all and turned into a real ice queen.  I quickly became bored with her and had the waitress wave another dancer down from the stage as the spotlight dancer left. Goodbye baby! I was going to barfine the 2nd dancer but then she told me that she was on her period. I can’t tell you how many times this happened to me after buying a girl a drink. It could be true or it could be bullshit and maybe she only wanted to leave with Korean customers although other than myself there were only 3 Korean guys in the whole otherwise empty bar.
At this point I decided to throw in the towel on Crystal Club. There were no customers, only half the girls that I remember from last time with no girls in the balcony over the stage, there was no party vibe or enthusiasm from any of the girls. I did see 2 girls that turned out to be sisters but their bodies weren’t something that made me want to part with any of my pesos.

I will say that the Filipino papasan with blond hair seemed like a friendly enough fellow and wanted me to stay but what was the point? Anyone that has read my reviews or blog posts over the years knows that first and foremost I’m all about being entertained. I can make some allowances on the girls not being the hottest if there is some energy flowing back from the stage. Unfortunately, the energy I was getting from the girls was all negative. Overall, I found it disappointing. But who knows maybe next time I go in things will be different but for now the combination of only half the girls that they used to have and poorer quality at that along with bored girls showing no interest in a customer sitting in an empty bar is just a total turn off for this hardcore partier. Crystal Club is always worth a quick look to see if there is a dancer that hits your hot button but it’s not necessarily worth spending any great amount of your time in. My advice? If you find a dancer in Crystal Palace that you like then barfine her but take her to another club that has some fun factor going for it!

That’s Crystal Palace in Angeles City After Hours…


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