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Monday, November 13, 2017

Angeles City Bar Review: Soya – From Dusk till Dawn – November 2017

Before I start my review of the Korean bar Soya let me give you a little back story. I was in Angeles City the entire first week of November and in the mornings around 10:30am I would make my daily trip to either the Drugstore up on Fields Ave to resupply my generic Viagra (100 pesos per 50 mg tablet) or head up to JJ’s Market for more soda, beers, snacks and tequila. Well every morning I would walk past Soya which featured 6 to 8 door girls dressed in black sitting outside and with music blaring through the curtains. Now not once did any of the door girls make any effort to say hello or to invite me inside so I wrote the place off as a Korean karaoke music bar. But eventually my curiosity got the better of me so one morning while I was walking up to JJ’s market I stopped and asked one of the door girls. “Is this a karaoke bar?” The door girl just said no. Ok, I asked her “What kind of place is it then?” The door girl just said “bar”. Hmmmmmmm… 

My conversation wasn’t revealing much so like Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise I decided to go boldly into the unknown. I walked inside past the curtains and on the left side there is a pretty good size stage with about 20 girls in short skirts dancing. But not just any girls! We’re talking the kind I like! Young, slim spinners with guitar string tight bodies! On the right side of the bar were tables that were full of Koreans and it’s only 10:30 in the morning! I thought what the fuck have I stumbled into?? Did I cross over a tear in the space time continuum into an alternate barmonger universe? Had I died from an overdose of Viagra and gone to barmonger heaven? I was all smiles let me tell you! I told the waitress that I had to make a quick trip up to JJ’s market and then drop my supplies off at my hotel room in Kokomos and would return in 30 minutes. I quickly made my way up to JJ’s and then nearly ran back to Kokomos to drop off my supplies and grab a fresh bag of bargirl rings from my stash. Then I quickly made my way back to Soya.

At first, I grabbed a chair on the right side of the bar near where the Koreans were sitting but this was about 3 to 4 meters from the stage. I ordered a bottle of water from the waitress (it was only going on 11am after all) and then I surveyed the scene. The stage was packed with cute spinners with flat tummys as tight as a drum with an average age of 18 to 21 unlike many of the other bars in town with an average age of 25 to 30. As for cherry girls Soya is a freaking cherry tree! I kid you not!

But so far none of the girls on stage were paying me any attention. Hmmmm…. Not good. I had read many stories of barmongers striking out in Korean bars but this was one nut that I was determined to crack. In front of the semi-circular stage there were a dozen or more empty bar stools. For whatever reason the Korean guys prefer sitting back in the dark rather at stage front. I saw this as my opportunity. I grabbed my drink and moved to a bar stool at center stage to get a better look at the girls. Even sitting right at the stage the girls are all still looking off into the distance towards the Koreans. Ok, I decided that in the battle of the barfines it’s time to play barmonger hardball with the Korean guys. I reached in my cargo pants pocket and pulled out that bag of rings and grabbed some and then held out my hand full of rings to the girl dancing right in front of me and motioned to her to give me her hand. She did and I quickly found a ring that fit. The other nearby girls are looking towards me now too so I seized the opportunity to wave them over and gave them all rings as well which of course got the attention of the rest of the girls on stage. One by one I ended up giving rings to all of the girls dancing and by then the waitresses wanted in on the action so I gave them each a ring too. I can only imagine what all those Korean guys behind me were thinking but I’m pretty sure they were shooting sharpened daggers out their eyes towards my back.

By now all the girls were laughing and giggling while they showed each other their new bling! Success was mine! I had cracked that Korean bar nut and victory was within my grasp. I spotted a spinner that I liked and invited her over for a drink. With so many cute young girls on stage something occurred to me that I had to ask. So, I asked the dancer I had bought a drink for: “Do you have a sister that works in a bar too? She nodded her head yes and pointed out her sister up on stage! Oh, damn! Jackpot! I told her to wave her sister over for a drink as well. We got to talking and it didn’t take long before I told the waitress that I wanted to barfine both sisters. The barfine was only 2,200 pesos each so I considered it a bargain. Then I noticed that another girl on stage was really paying a lot of attention towards us so I asked the sisters if that was their friend. What was their reply? “That’s our cousin!” Oh shit! I thought about it for just a minute. “How often does the opportunity come up to barfine 2 sisters and their cousin from the same bar?” Ok, I’m sold. I told the waitress I was barfining the sisters cousin too! A few minutes later we all walked out together. A couple of hours later when I brought the 3 girls back to the bar I sat down ordered another bottle of water and saw the next girl on my list. I waved her over and a few minutes later bafined her too. About 90 minutes later I returned with that girl and then barfined my 5th dancer out of Soya since 11:30am. While I was waiting for the 5th girl to go change the Filipino manager of the bar came over to shake my hand and introduce himself. He goes by “JP”. He was all smiles as JP congratulated me on my choices. As I walked out of the bar with my 5th barfine that day even some of the Korean customers bowed their heads in respect and defeat. Yes, I had entered and smashed my way into the world of the Korean bar scene in Angeles City and I had conquered it. After that day I was at Soya every morning by 11:00 – 11:30am and walking out with a barfine most times 2 girls by 12 noon. Did I mention that I eventually found 5 pairs of sisters working at Soya and that I barfined 4 out of the 5? Perhaps I should keep that part a secret? Quite frankly Soya is so good that I thought about not writing this review and only sharing this knowledge with a select few barmonger friends. But I’m feeling generous. What the hell…

For any guys that like me that have been to Bangkok or Pattaya and love those small, slim girls with drum tight bodies that you can bounce coins off of their tight bellies into a shot glass then the morning shift of Soya is the only Korean bar in Angeles City that you need to know about. Once you visit Soya you will never ever go back to a Perimeter road bar again to barfine a girl unless of course you’re such a cheap ass Charlie that you won’t spend 200 more pesos for a younger and much hotter girl that you can find in Soya or are such a hideous fat ugly toad that you feel more at home with similar looking girls down on Perimeter Road. But for everyone else that likes super cute 18 to 21-year-old dancers with drum tight bodies and thin sexy legs the Korean bar Soya – From Dusk Till Dawn is the only daytime bar you need to know about and visit. By the way Soya features 2 shifts of girls. 10am to 6:00pm and 6pm to 3:00am. Trust me when I tell you that the morning shift is actually more full of hotter, younger and more beautiful girls than the night shift. So, when you get to Angeles or if you’re an expat living there get your barmongering ass up early and be at Soya on Fields Avenue by 10:30 – 11:00am every day.

Soya is easy enough to find as it’s just a 5 minute walk from Kokomos up on the left side of Fields Avenue right before you get to the Drugstore or the crosswalk to take you over to Jollibee’s. he door girls outside will most likely ignore you until you become a regular customer so just do what I did and go boldly into the unknown! You’ll be toasting me with a drink for this advice 5 minutes after you enter the bar.
It’s more than 5 Stars. It’s off the charts, rock your world like a hurricane in terms of the quality of the girls! 

Soya – From Dusk Till Dawn is hands down the best early morning to midafternoon daytime gogo bar in Angeles City After Hours.


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