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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Angeles City Bar Review: Voodoo Bar 24/7 – Nov. 2017

Even if your stay in Angeles City is a short one at some point you’ll probably be curious enough to walk into Voodoo Bar which is open 24/7 and is conveniently attached to the Kokomos Hotel & Restaurant. Since I had a deluxe room complete with stripper pole in Kokomos during my stay the first week of November I would often cut through the back door of Voodoo which opens up into the back of Kokomos for a quick look at the dancers. Voodoo is a relatively small bar and at any time of the day or night features anywhere from 3 to 6 dancers on stage. Now let me warn you that these are not the cream of the crop cuties on stage and at least a couple of the girls are rougher than high grit sandpaper and looking at one or two might even make you barf up your lunch after eating in Kokomos. I’m not trying to be cruel here guys I’m just telling you like it is. But I will say that on at least 3 occasions I did see girls in Voodoo cute enough that I would barfine.

The 1st time I stopped to chat with a dancer and she had a pleasant enough personality that I thought I’d stop by and see her again but that was the first and last time I saw her on stage.

The 2nd girl I saw looked fairly nice and with a flat tummy so I stopped for a drink and tried to chat to her but she was unhappy and no smiles. After some encouragement I eventually got a smile from her but it was more like a “I hate being here, I hate this job, I hate talking to you, I don’t want to talk with you, I don’t want to drink with you and no I don’t want you to barfine me” kind of smile. Needless to say, I quickly paid for my drink and left.

The 3rd time I saw a girl in Voodoo that I liked it was the door girl. She had a tight black dress on that was low cut and revealing some cleavage of her surprisingly nicely shaped breasts. She also had a beautiful face and plenty of tattoo’s on her arms and legs. Overall, she had a “I’m bad girl” kind of look and one that said “when I’m bad I’ll really rock your world”. I was intrigued by this girl and definitely would have barfined her but I never saw her working the door again on subsequent nights or working inside the bar. WTF? Where did she go?

My biggest complaint about Voodoo is that there didn’t seem to be a set schedule for either the door girls or dancers and that every single day and night I saw different girls in the same shifts which made trying to find a girl that I actually liked from a day or two earlier impossible. What’s up with that???

The good news about Voodoo is it’s open 24/7 but the bad news is the quality of the girls is as rough as a country dirt road. You might find a few smooth patches but it’s hit or miss. Overall Voodoo Bar is probably best for hardcore alcoholic mother fuckers that get so wasted that even the fattest, flabbiest cow on the Voodoo stage looks like a Victoria’s Secret model to them.  Again, I’m just telling you like it is. So, for those guys that like to get totally pasted you’ll be in hog heaven in Voodoo so go ahead and barfine one of the girls for the barmonger team. That way the rest of us guys that don’t drink ourselves into oblivion every night and have more discerning tastes for the quality of the girls that we want to be with don’t have to go there. Just saying….

That’s Voodoo Bar 24/7 in Angeles City After Hours...


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