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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, November 17, 2017

Angeles City Bar Reviews: Night Moves, Candy Bar and Highway 54 Bar – Perimeter Rd – Nov. 2017

One day during my recent visit in Angeles City I decided to take a trike to visit some of the Perimeter Road bars. It was only 1:45pm so I stopped in Night Moves first as it was open. Inside there were plenty of dancers although none of the quality that I would barfine. But as I was sitting there with my drink in walked a blind tourist with a cane and a helper and I thought for him it doesn’t matter what the girls looked like. Party on buddy!

I soon paid my drink bin and headed to the nearby Candy Bar which opened at 2pm. I was their first customer and inside the bar the stage was packed with an assortment of at least 20 girls. I ordered a drink and then looked at the girls more closely. Most of the girls seemed to look like they just hopped off a farmers truck from the fields and got dropped off at the bar as they seemed to be wearing little makeup compared to a Walking Street dancer.

To my left I saw what had to be the fattest, most ugly dancer that I’ve ever seen on a gogo bar stage. For whatever reason this girl was shy and seemed insecure because when she noticed me looking her way she turned around to face the opposite wall. Every so often she would turn to see if I was still looking and then would hide behind other girls. I had to laugh as I thought to myself “you don’t have anything to worry about honey, I’m afraid if I waved you down for a beer that the waitress would have to wheel you out a keg to fill your fat belly and that the bar would have to send for a truck to deliver more whisky because I’m pretty sure they didn’t have enough in stock for me to drink to make you look good enough to barfine ever!”

A short time later the mamasan tried to encourage me to buy a dancer a drink that she said was her niece. I guess the mamasan was keeping it all in the family in a manner of speaking. The barfine was 2,000 peso’s but knowing that for 200 pesos more I could barfine much prettier girls at the Korean bar on Fields Avenue I just wasn’t motivated enough to try to save $4 dollars to barfine a Candy Bar dancer.

After I paid for my drink I took a quick look in Highway 54 which is a fairly good size bar on the corner but there were only 3 chubby girls dancing on stage when I walked in so I immediately walked back out and got a trike to take me to SM Mall.

The good news about Night Moves is that the barfine is only 1,700 pesos and at Candy Bar only 2,000 pesos, so if you’re an expat or a tourist on a budget then Night Moves or Candy Bar might be a good option for you even though the attractiveness of the dancers is a bit on the lower side of the scale.

That’s the Perimeter Road bars in Angeles City After Hours..

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