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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Broke and Unemployed American Complains He Can’t Afford Dowry and 2 Water Buffalo’s for Young Thai Girlfriend’s Parents.

 NextShark reports that a 48-year-old American divorcee, who is reportedly homeless and broke, captured the heart of a Thai woman half his age, albeit at a price he might not be able to afford in the long run. The story of David Toborowsky and Chanoknat Angel Suwan was recently featured in the episode “Welcome to Real Life” of the TLC reality show about international romances called “90 Day Fiance”. David had just lost his job, house, and recently recovered from a stroke when he went to Thailand in 2016, hoping to rebuild his life with a new romantic adventure. There, he met Annie, a 24-year-old bar singer who would soon be his fiancée. According to people, the couple got engaged after dating for only 10 days. “She is 24 years old, but the mindset she puts me in or makes me feel is I don’t feel like a 48-year-old,” David was quoted as saying. “She’s an amazing woman who makes me feel like I already hit the lottery.” Little did David know that in order to get Annie’s parents’ approval, he would have to honor certain Thai traditions, which he claimed would eventually eat up the rest of his savings. 

Aside from giving Annie’s family $1,500 as dowry, David also had to buy two water buffalos as a gift for Annie’s parents. Annie was hoping to live in comfort with her husband-to-be and she’s a little surprised that David isn’t as rich as she’d imagined. She also wondered if moving to the U.S. with David is still a good idea as she was concerned about his lack of financial resources. “I just don’t understand why you’re 48 but you still don’t have anything. You still don’t have anything,” Annie told David.

The groom-to-be was even shown seeking help from his American friends, Chris and Nikki, when he was preparing to take Annie back to America with him. The couple agreed to temporarily allow David and Annie to live with them in their home in the U.S.

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