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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Total Bargirl Toys Handed out in Angeles City…

As many people know I had bought an extra hard shell suitcase and packed it full of “entertainment supplies” for my recently completed trip to Angeles City. In case you were wondering just how many “bargirl toys” I distributed out of “Amazon Alex’s” suitcase it came out to: 797 bar girl gifts handed out to High Society freelancers, bikini wearing gogo girls, flexible spotlight dancers, models in black gowns, cherry girls, waitresses, door girls, mamasans and every ladyboy working in front of Phillies Sports Bar on Fields Ave.… (I’m equal opportunity after all). Since I was only in Angeles for 9 days that works out to passing out an average of 88 bargirl toys per day which beats my all time personal daily rate in Bangkok and Pattaya of giving out 56 bargirl toys per day. A 58% percent increase over my all time high!!!! Unlike Santa Claus that only cares if a bargirl has been naughty or nice I only care that a bargirl is “nice & naughty”…

Here is the detailed list of items I passed out during 9 days in Angeles City:

565 Gold and silver-plated crystal rings.
1 Medium size Hello Kitty with a 1st Place ribbon attached to the neck. (The prize for a cherry girl giving her first blow job and doing such a great job! That’s worth a 1st place prize isn’t it???
50 String bikinis, thongs and lingerie.
2 Crystal necklaces.
3 Mini stuffed animals.
24 LED flashing jelly rings.
24 LED necklaces.
12 LED flashing bracelets.
100 Mardi gras beaded necklaces.
6 LED magnetic heart necklaces.
3 Red glow sticks.
2 LED heart necklaces.
2 LED light up Mardi Gras beaded necklaces.
2 Mardi Gras masks.
1 Full liter bottle of tequila.

Although my daily average of 88 bargirl toys passed out to the ladies in Angeles City beat my previous daily average record of 56 bargirl toys passed out in Thailand that trip in 2014 lasted for 21 days so the overall total of bargirls handed out during that trip was quite a bit more at 1,192 bargirl toys handed out in Bangkok and Pattaya.
Here is the detailed list of items from my 2014 Thailand trip that I handed out to bargirls for comparison:

469 Gold and silver-plated crystal rings.
428 Mardi Gras beaded necklaces.
96 Flashing LED rings.
48 Flashing LED pendants.
40 Pairs of g-strings.
37 Beaded bracelets.
18 Assorted Hello Kitty toys.
13 Balloons.
11 Water guns.
6 Glow sticks.
5 Hiphop hats.
4 Flashing LED balls.
4 LED light strips.
4 LED magnetic button lights.
3 Hello Kitty watches.
3 Squeeze frog key chains.
3 Glow balls.

That’s how I roll in Angeles City After Hours… Go hard or go home!

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