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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dutch man Rene Meeuwissen arrested for bloody double "revenge" murder of Thai girlfriend's mother and brother.

Hotties Pattaya reports that Police suspect that a 53 year old man from the Netherlands murdered his Thai ex-girlfriend’s mother and brother at the family house. Witnesses saw "Rene" on a rented motorcycle looking for the house of his estranged girlfriend. She had tried to get away from him and warned her mother to take care because he might come looking for her. He was angry at being rejected and wanted a gold necklace back. But on Monday evening the girlfriend was not at the house in Ban Khok Muang of Sawai sub-district, Muang Surin when it appears Rene came calling. Next morning, Tuesday at 7.30am, a relative went to the house and found a bloodbath and called Sawai police. They found house owner Noi Sadomsuk, 53, dressed in a sarong and top with dozens of stab wounds. She was lying dead by a plow outside the house. 

Inside the house there was a lot of blood in lines, droplets and pools. In the kitchen was Noi's son Patcharin Sadomsuk, 30, who had been stabbed ten times in the chest and back.

A relative said that the son was incapacitated from a broken left leg from a previous accident.
In fields behind the house police found a bloodstained knife and a black bag containing two phones, two more knives and some other unspecified items. 

There was a trail of blood droplets on the road outside the house leading all the way to the temple of Wat Silaram where Rene was said to have stayed because he had no money.

A volunteer foundation medic called Pichaiphat Yimpenyuang, 44, told police that he had seen the suspect on Monday evening after he said he had a motorcycle accident in which he had fallen off his bike.

He had a badly cut hand and said he just wanted to go to Bangkok. Pichaiphat thought this was strange so he took a photo. He persuaded the foreigner to go to Surin Hospital after taking the bike for safe keeping back to Noi's house.

At the time he had no idea there had been trouble there but in the morning when villagers gathered at the scene of the murders he told police what had happened the night before and they took Rene into custody.

Another daughter of the deceased told the police that her elder sister had had a relationship with the suspect but she had broken it off after only a short time.

She said her elder sister had warned their mother that Rene might come looking for her and to watch out. He was angry at being rejected, she said, and wanted a gold necklace back. 

Police said that the suspect had no money and no passport.

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