Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

UK foreign secretary brings up the Thai sex tourism during Brexit speech

Pattaya One News reports that Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign Secretary, may have missed his calling as a comedian. At least, he thinks so. The rest of his country is not so sure. The wannabe funnyman made jokes about his citizens and sex tourism in Thailand during a major speech about Brexit yesterday.

In the diatribe, which laid out some of the country’s plans post-Brexit, the conservative politician said that “the right deal on aviation and visa-free travel” will let Brits “ever more intensively to go on cheapo flights to stag parties in ancient cities,” implying that his countrymen only travel for debaucherous reasons, not to soak in the rich culture of the world.
He also decided to pretend that he didn’t know what his people get up to in the Land of Smiles: “I have just discovered we have more than a million who go to Thailand every year where, according to our superb consular services, they get up to the most eye-popping things,” which many took to be a nod to the sex tourism, ill-advised bar girl liasons, and the Pattaya bar fights that Brits in Thailand have been known for.

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