Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Pattaya After Hours - Songkran Festival Partying for Single Men

Pattaya After Hours is a single's man's "how to guide" to Pattaya's nightlife that covers one's mans uninhibited erotic sexual pursuits during 5 nights of all night partying during Songkran in Pattaya, Thailand. The ultimate spring break vacation in search of sexy girls in bikinis or less! My nightly adventures took me from the beer bars on Soi 6 to the gogo bars and all night after hours clubs on Walking Street! From topless and nude dancers, coyotes, twin sisters, ladyboys and disco freelancers it was a wild, wild ride. The Songkran Festival in Pattaya is guaranteed to be your wildest spring break ever! If you've never been to Pattaya but want to go then this is a must read for any guy wanting to party with sexy 20-year-old bar girls in Thailand for the first time during what will be your wettest and wildest spring break ever!

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 Pattaya After Hours

By Alexander Diamond
Copyright 2014

135: Taxi To Pattaya..
136: Soi 6 – 3 Angels Guest House..
137: Exploring Pattaya..
138: Pattaya Food Sucks..
139:  1 Hour Turned Into 5 ½ Hours!
140: Soi 6 Quiet.. I Was Bored..
141: Sugar Baby Gets The Banana..
142: Red Glow Stick Dildo..
143: Glow Stick Ass Fuck..
144: Pussy Tricks Showbar..
145: Sister Does Anal & Lesbian!
146: Insomnia Has Its Rewards..
147: Club 808 - Bouncers Pounce..
148: Casino Club Until 7:30 A.M..
149: Post-Op Ladyboy In Casino Club..
150: Coyote Wants 8,000 Baht..
151: Breakfast on Walking Street..
152: Thunderstorm Wakeup Call..
153: Quest To Fuck Sisters..
154: Bananas & Baseball Bats..
155: Soi 6 Girl Does Deep Throat..
156: Bar Girl - 100 Baht Discount..
157: 9 out of 100 Condoms Left..
158: Drunk Songkran Farangs..
159: Mission Impossible - Thai Food..
160: Silver Star & Worldwide GoGo..
161: LaBamba & Stringfellows..
162: Sisters & Showgirls..
163: Baccara & Sensations.. No Smiles..
164: Lighthouse Girl Deep Throats..
165: X-Zone Is Hands On..
166: Hootys – Pussy Shows ..
167: Back To Lighthouse..
168: Virgin Blow Job & 1st CIM..
169: Moving Day: Soi 6 to Soi 14..
170: Bali Hai Pier..
171: Lunch In Secrets..
172: Slept From 2 P.M. To 6 P.M..
173: Meeting My Facebook Fans..
174: A Bird? A Plane? Hello Kitty!
175: Raining Baht & G-Strings..
176: Gold Rings For 30 Girls..
177:  X-Zone Failure.. 
178: Spiked Ball Pussy Show..
179: Soi 6 Bar Girl Gangbang..
180: 2 Lesbian Lucky Numbers..
181: Twilight Zone.. Or Hell?
182: Playing Tourist -  Big Buddha..
183: Kidnapped - Daring Escape Plan..
184: Pattaya Kart Speedway..
185: You Call That Pad Thai?
186: My Search For Food Fails..
187: Maids & The Cucumber..
188: Escaped With A Dry Shirt..
189: Dancer Fingers Pussy On Stage..
190: G-Strings Take Flight..
191: Twin Sisters.. Bar Fine For 2!
192: Balloons, Baht & Bar Girls..
193:  Showgirls & Snakes..
194: Living Dolls Showcase..
195: Slimed On Walking Street..
196: Four Discos In 30 Minutes..
197: Club Insomnia Success..
198: Casino Club – 7:30 A.M..
199: In Bed By 8:20 A.M..
200: Searching For A 3rd Notebook..
201: Secrets – 1,000 Baht Bar Fine..
202: Songkran On Walking Street..
203: No Internet Access! Damn!
204: Prepaid The Coyotes Bar Fine..
205: Bars Closed For Songkran..
206: Tiger Bar Pussycat.. Meow!
207: Living Dolls – Last GoGo..
208: Secrets Coyote Deep Throats..
209: Explosion! Fire! Smoke! WTF?
210: Back to Bangkok..

Sample chapters:

Taxi To Pattaya..
It was 6:46 a.m. on Tuesday morning and I had just woken up. I needed to get up early to finish packing as Mr. T’s taxi would be picking me up at 11:00 a.m. to drive me to Pattaya.  By 10:45 a.m. I was checking out at the front desk and the taxi driver was already waiting for me. The driver loaded my bags into the car and off we went. He asked me if he thought a certain route might be a problem due to Songkran and the Bangkok protesters and I said that I really didn’t know. The driver then took a different route out of Bangkok than I was used to and I was skeptical at first.

Now previous trips to Pattaya from the same hotel in Bangkok had taken as long as 2 hours and 10 minutes. But this taxi driver knew his highways. He had me out of Bangkok and was dropping me off in front of the 3 Angels Guest House & Bar on Soi 6 in Pattaya in just 90 minutes! Damn! I gave the driver a couple of hundred extra Baht for a tip for getting me there so quickly! Ninety minutes was making great time from Bangkok!

Soi 6 – 3 Angels Guest House..
We unloaded my luggage and I hauled it into 3 Angels to check in. They hand me my key and a Thai girl helps me by grabbing my biggest suitcase. Now the staircase leading up to my room is very narrow but the Thai girl picks up my suitcase weighing 45 pounds and hoists it up on her shoulder to carry it up the 3 flights of narrow stairs to room #10.

I had heard from others that had stayed at 3 Angels that the rooms were nice and they were right. Room #10 was huge! Features included an in-room electronic safe, frig, TV and balcony but no microwave or phone. I walked over to the balcony and opened the door. I had a perfect view right down on Soi 6 for Songran. Great!

Exploring Pattaya..
My first order of business after unpacking my clothes was to review my “to do” list for Pattaya. I need to make a quick trip to the nearby 7-Eleven which was just around the corner of Soi 6 on Pattaya 2nd road to stock up on some energy drinks that I’d need to keep me awake later that night. Now the back entrance to the 3 Angels Guest House is a very narrow and treacherous broken up alley. You don’t want to try to navigate it drunk I can tell you that! On way to the 7-Eleven I recognized the Princess of Pattaya one of 3 Angels most famous bar girls dressed in all red. I stopped to talk to her and take a photo and told her that I’d buy her a drink later.

After returning from the 7-Eleven® and putting away my supplies I walked back up towards the corner of  Pattaya 2nd Road as there were several motorbike taxi’s parked there. I walked over and negotiated with a taxi driver to take me to Soi Honey. He wouldn’t go for less than 60 Baht so I agreed and got on the motorbike. The taxi driver immediately takes off cutting through the busy traffic the wrong way to get to another Soi. I thought for sure I’d end up a hood ornament on a Baht bus! Since it was Songkran we quickly got soaked by buckets of water and super soakers along the way.

Pattaya Food Sucks..
It only took a couple of minutes for the driver to get me to Soi Honey. I paid him his 60 Baht and then started walking around to see if anything interesting was happening. The girls in various massage shops were throwing water at anyone that walked by. I finally made my way over to Soi LK Metro and walked down to the corner of Soi 13 and Pattaya 2nd Road and decided to eat at a 24 hour restaurant called “Kiss Food & Drink”. I ordered some Pad Thai but whatever they brought me seem to have little resemblance to Pad Thai. This was basically tourist resort fast food that was pretty tasteless. I was already missing the authentic Thai food that I could get in Bangkok 24 hours a day.

After eating a not very satisfying lunch I walked across Pattaya 2nd road to Mike Shopping Mall and then cut through to the other side and made my way down Pattaya Beach road towards Walking Street. After taking some photo’s I decided to hop on the back of a Baht bus to take me back to Soi 6. I soon realized that was a huge mistake on my part as the passengers in Baht buses made big juicy targets for Songkran partiers on the street corners waiting to unload buckets of ice cold water on you at every stop light! Fuck!

Once I made it back to Soi 6 I decided to walk the gauntlet all the way to Pattaya Beach road so that I could get some more photos of bar girls partying along the way. Once I had made it all the way down to Beach road I stopped at a food cart vendor and bought some chicken and shrimp. This was pretty much tasteless too. My conclusion was that Pattaya has plenty of bars but actually finding good authentic Thai food to eat was mission impossible. At least it was on Pattaya Beach road and area’s close by. If it hadn’t been for Songkran I could have done some more exploring for food but it was just too much effort when you’re being soaked with water at every intersection.

I decided to cut back up Soi 6 ½ to avoid the craziness and drunk Songkran farangs on Soi 6. The blister on my foot was still killing me but eventually I made my way back up to Pattaya 2nd road and then I walked over to the 7-Eleven and bought a ham and cheese sandwich. After taking my food back to my room in 3 Angels I started making notes of everything that had happened that day.

1 Hour Turned Into 5 ½ Hours!!
When I finished my notes the clock read 5:55 p.m. and the music down on Soi 6 was cranked up loud and people were partying and screaming as buckets of cold water were thrown on them. Despite the music blaring outside I thought I’d try to get 1 hour of sleep so I set my alarm.

Well I didn’t wake up in 1 hour as planned. My body just totally crashed and shut down from all the partying and lack of sleep in Bangkok. I ended up waking up late in the evening and when I looked at the clock it read 11:30 p.m. Fuck! I had slept for 5 ½ hours!

Lesbian Lucky Numbers..
After getting back to Walking Street I headed straight for Mandarin where there were a couple of hot dancers that I was interested in. One girl was 19 years old and had only been working in the bar 2 nights! I do love my fruit sweet and fresh when I can find it. Inside the bar I quickly found the girl that I was looking for and told the dancer that I wanted to bar fine her. But then my plans hit a snag. I asked her if she had ID and she said no! Damn! I was staying at Secrets and they check and hold onto the ID cards of the girls you bring back to your room. No ID meant no deal for me. No point in taking any chances. I said maybe next time and then I walked over to another hot spinner that I liked. This girl was 21 years old and had been dancing just 1 month. I again asked the ID question and this girl “yes” she had her ID! Bingo! We have a winner! I immediately bar fined her without even buying her a drink.

The dancer went off to change her clothes and returned a short time later. I was just about to pay my drink bin when a new team of dancers come on stage. I immediately noticed another super-hot spinner and started asking her some quick questions. She told me that she was 19 years old and had been dancing for less than a year. The 21 year old dancer that I bar fined asked me if I wanted to bar fine the other dancer too as they were friends. Hmmm… Thinking…

I asked both girls if they would do lesbian on each other if I bar fined them both and both girls said yes. As an extra incentive to convince me the 21 year old dancer told me that the 19 year old girl did lesbian shows in Mandarin and that she was very, very good at licking pussy! No need to say more! I didn’t need any more convincing. I waved the mamasan over and told her that it’s a bar fine for two to go!

After the 19 year old dancer changed clothes or rather put some on I led both girls out of the bar and the short walk to Secrets on Soi 14. The girls handed over their ID cards to the front desk and the woman said everything was ok and that I was good to go. A minute later I’m opening the door to my hotel room on the second floor. We all took turns showering and then moved over to the bed.

To start off the fun and games I had the girls take turns helping me lick each girl’s nipples. But that was just the appetizer. It was now time to move to the main courses. Next on my to do list was to have the girls take turns licking each other’s pussy and let me tell you that these girls weren’t just paying lip service and being shy about it. We’re full tongue diving and clit licking all out pussy sucking fun and these girls really enjoyed each other.

Now that the girls were warmed up and wet it was time to break out some sex toys. I got up off the bed and walked over to a table to pick up an 8 inch long and very thick (5 ¾ inch circumference) cucumber. I rolled a lubricated condom over one end and then had the 21 year old girl fucking the lesbian’s pussy with it! Salad anyone?

I noticed that the 21 year old girl was taking a bit of a dominant role with the 19 year old lesbian showgirl. The Dom was really enjoying fucking the lesbian with the big cucumber hard and deep. After several minutes I had the girls switch but the 21 year old didn’t want to be fucked with cucumber because she had a small tight pussy and feared the cucumber was too big… Hmmmm..

Not a problem I thought. It was time for sex toy #2. I reached over and grabbed the mini-baseball bat that I had placed next to the bed. The baseball bat was actually thinner than the monster cucumber. The circumference of the baseball bat was only 4 inches compared to the 5 ¾ inches of the cucumber! I rolled a condom over the baseball bat then applied a lot of KY lube.

The 21 year old spinner was wide eyed and nervous knowing that I was about to have the lesbian showgirl fuck her with the baseball bat. I handed the wooden bat to the lesbian and she placed the end on the spinner’s pussy pushing it in slowly but ever deeper. Eventually the lesbian started to work up a pretty fast rhythm and was really giving the spinner the wood deep inside her pussy while I sucked her nipples.

After the lesbian finished fucking her friend with the mini-baseball bat it was my turn for fun. I moved the girls around and I had the spinner lick my balls while I had the lesbian showgirl lick and suck my cock. After 10 minutes of getting the double oral treatment I positioned the spinner on her back. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and inserted my cock into her tight little pussy and then turned her on her side and fucked her doggy style. While I was banging away from behind I had the lesbian lick and suck the spinner’s breasts.

After the spinner was well fucked I had the 2 girls switch positions. I basically repeated what I had just done and inserted my cock into the lesbian showgirls pussy and rolled her on her side to fuck her doggy style like I had done with her friend and then had the other girl lick her nipples. But now I decided to make things more interesting. I rolled the lesbian onto her back and put my arm under her legs pushing her knees towards her chest. Then I motioned for the spinner to straddle the lesbians face so that the lesbian could lick the spinner’s pussy while I fucked her.

Well the spinner really loved having the lesbian lick her pussy and I mean she loved it. When I wanted to change positions the spinner said no. She wanted the lesbian to keep licking her pussy! Damn that was hot to watch!

After more than an hour of fucking both girls the spinner started to complain that I was taking a long time to cum. The Levitra® that I had taken earlier was keeping my cock hard enough to keep fucking but my balls were still bone dry. There was no fucking way that I was going get my dick to blow a load into either of the 2 girl’s mouths as much as I wanted to.  Unable to hit my peak and having had a whole lot of fun already I decided that I’d stop and let the girls shower.

By the time the girls dressed to leave it was just after 2 a.m. My plan was to set my alarm clock for 4 a.m. and try to get 2 hours of sleep. Then I’d get up and spend an hour or two popping in and out of the all night discos on Walking Street. I climbed into bed and it didn’t take me long to nod off.

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