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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

2 Week Millionaire Pattaya Tourists Versus Expats…

I often read posts on the Pattaya Grouos from some (not all) expats that tend to bitch about 2 week millionaires driving up the price of short times with bar girls, gogo dancers and freelancers in Pattaya. Well, I call bullshit on all of this myself. Would a gogo dancer on Walking Street be better off financially with a 2 week millionaire with baht to burn versus a retired expat on a pension? Sure she would! But don’t blame the 2 week tourists!

The bottom line is we come to Thailand for the same reason the expats decided to retire there and that’s plenty of available girls 18 to 30 years old that we can spend intimate time with as often as we can! The 2 week millionaires (myself included) work our asses off back home for 11 1/2 months of the year, pulling double shifts, all the overtime we can get and working 2 or 3 jobs just so that we can party like a rock star in Thailand and we’re not going to apologize for it! There are businessmen, bikers, bouncers, office workers, lawyers, accountants and guys that work offshore oil rigs for months at a time and when they get a chance to head to Pattaya they’re not looking to spend all their time in the 7-Eleven looking for the cheapest eats (although I don’t mind a 7-Eleven sandwich given that the food choices around Walking Street does suck for the most part).

When we reach the point where many of us may decide to retire and become an expat in Pattaya too then our spending will no doubt be adjusted accordingly. For many of us in the west still working we’re making a good percentage less than we were before the last recession several years ago. Hell, when I first started going to Thailand 12 years ago I had jobs that paid me overtime and that overtime went straight to my travel fund. But times and jobs change so now I’m on salary and don’t qualify for overtime. Unlucky me.

My days of being able to spend 250,000 to 400,000 baht on gogo dancers and massage girls over the course of 2 to 3 weeks are behind me. Realistically my budgets are half that now. But let me add that just because the 2 week millionaires blow a lot of baht doesn’t mean that we’re out to spend 15,000 to 20,000 baht every night on 2 to 4 of the most expensive showgirls on Walking Street! Really guys we don’t mind getting a Soi 6 bargain or a special massage girl at discount rates. We’re simply interested in the same thing you are. Getting a good lay, a deepthroat bj and finding a wild enough bargirl that won’t tell us “your dick too big and thick for my ass!”

We also don’t soak up all of the available girls when we’re in town. I mean the estimate is what? 20,000 available girls in Pattaya plus ladyboys? (If that’s your thing). I for one have never seen all the beer bars and gogo bars in Pattaya with every single dancer barfined before closing time. Nor does every freelancer in ibar / Insomnia have a customer when the bar closes at 6am.

As for cheaper entertainment many expats eventually find a long time girl they can call on or live with or head to the bars above 2nd and 3rd and the road dark side bars as most 2 week millionaires don’t really waste much time if any in that area. ( I know I don’t). We’re more than content to blow our baht in Walking Street gogo bars and to be entertained by sexy shows that we’re not going to see or get to participate in back home! So chill out expat community! There are plenty of available girls for you.

The 2 week millionaires for the most part are hanging out in the bars that you don’t go to anyway so why stress? At the end of the night we’re all after that same thing. A tight and wet Thai girl that will ride us until the Kamagra wears off!

That’s Pattaya After Hours….

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