Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, May 4, 2018

A retired British businessman killed himself after marrying a Thai hooker and running up bills of £100,000, court papers claim.

The Sun UK News reports that John Toms, 68, went for a holiday in Thailand’s “sin city” Pattaya with pals in June 2012 – paying 1,000 baht (£23) a night for sex with bar worker Thanyaporn Donsakul, court papers claim. The ex-British Steel worker returned home to Neath, Wales, and the next month in July the pair got engaged. They chatted on Facebook with John allegedly buying Thanyaporn a moped for 36,000baht (£835) in August 2012. John even sold his own belongings to continue transferring money to her each month, it is claimed. Later that year he moved to Thailand and worked as a teacher – allegedly supporting Thanyaporn with monthly payments. He also bought her a car and a business selling silk, as well as renting a home in Khon Kaen province and furnishing it, it is claimed. But by 2017, John – receiving a pension of £1,163 a month – had obliterated his life savings, allegedly spending more than £100,000 on his new bride, her mother and children.

The pair began arguing over buying a house last November 2017 – with John allegedly screaming ''I've given you everything, I've got nothing more''. The pensioner was reportedly reduced to borrowing from friends as he lived in a cramped rented room in Pattaya with debts allegedly mounting to £50,000. John filed divorce papers with his lawyer on Monday and was due to attend a divorce court today. But he is said to have feared he would lose everything at the hands of ''corrupt judges'' in his wife's home town.

The troubled pensioner left new girlfriend Naritha Daosri in bed before jumping 18 floors to his death from his rented condo on Wednesday at 1am local time. Devastated Naritha, who runs a coffee shop and owns her own house, said:"John had no money, nothing. I supported him. "Whatever he needed I helped him. "I found a job for him to work with me and drove him every day to the shop." John and Naritha, who he met in March 2017 before finally leaving his wife in November, were this week hoping to finalise the divorce and start a new life together. Naritha added: "I blame myself because I should have watched him more carefully that night. "I should have brought him to my house to stay with me." Thanyaporn has since started a relationship with Norwegian Arne Skjaervik and moved to Norway.

Commentary: The Brit’s ex-wife has already found herself a new sucker in Norway to bleed his bank account dry too? She didn’t waste any time mourning for her ex husband did she? My advice to the Norwegian is to wise up before you’re the next poor sad sack to join the Pattaya Fliers club too!

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