Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, May 25, 2018

Poll: Half of all foreigners are contemplating or have had a sexual experience with a lady boy and the great majority of foreigners find them attractive…

Dan About Thailand reports that ehe lady boys of Thailand are often very beautiful and while many on online forums blame them for crime there are plenty who are respectable in all walks of Thai life. Now it seems that foreigners are equally as obsessed as the Thais by the charms of the country's "type two women" as they are invariably termed in the local media. A poll commissioned by "Dan About Thailand" a blogger who contributes to Thaivisa's Bangkok and Pattaya Inspire pages online has revealed some interesting results. A remarkable 38% of foreigners have admitted to a sexual encounter with a lady boy in Thailand. Though it was not asked in the survey of 300 people exactly what that might have entailed it was deemed "sexual". In a further answer, 16% of those who said they had not yet sampled the sexual charms of a lady boy said they would not be averse should the situation arise. A stunning 80% of all respondents said they found lady boys attractive.

Commentary: In other words for all the guys balking at 5,000 baht short times with the gogo girls on Walking Street there seem to be plenty of guys willing to go for a 1,000 baht ladyboy short time romp....

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