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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, May 4, 2018

Sponsors, Social Media and How it’s Changed the Quest for Bargirls over the Past 10 Years.

 I think that bargirls have had sponsors forever but what has changed of course over the past 10 years is that now we’ve got Facebook and loads of other messaging and online dating apps that enable girls that can speak and read English the ability to get plenty of customers lined up ahead of time before us guys travel to Thailand. Right?

Where as in the past the girls might have a couple of sponsors lets face it that today it wouldn’t be very hard for a nice-looking and smart girl to get a dozen sponsors or more these days. I remember a Baccara dancer I met once several years ago. She was more educated than most and had studied hotel management but she was having a hard time finding a job so she ended up dancing in Baccara for several months. She was fun enough to hang out with since she spoke English that I actually saw her several trips in a row even when she stopped dancing. I’d simply send her a message a couple of months before a trip and told her I’d take her to lunch which of course I did before taking her back to my hotel for dessert. By my 2nd trip she had quit Baccara due to a motorbike injury to her knee but she had landed a hotel tour desk job. While we were enjoying chilling after our fun she received a call. I asked her about the call afterwards. It was her young German sponsor. He was sending her 20,000 baht. I asked her how long had he been sending her money? She said 2 years! I said every month? She said yes! I asked her how many times had he been to Thailand to see her? She said just once! I said did he stay 30 days when he visited? She said no, he had only been there a week and had never come back but still sent her 20,000 baht every month!

Fast forward a few years and the problem has only gotten worse. Even average bargirls can get plenty of customers on Facebook, online Thai dating sites or other chat programs. That means they can work the bar for the drinks and their salary, get plenty of sponsors and be pretty picky about who they go short time with. It doesn’t bother me personally that getting the prettiest girls to go long time is getting harder because I never really got into the long-time scene anyway. I’m very happy with short time fund and trying to get 2 to 4 hours of sleep for the next night to recharge my batteries. I’m not sure if sponsors are more to blame than the Internet as the Internet just enables smart girls to get more sponsors so they can pick and choose their customers where 10 years ago the girls would be more willing to go with the first customer to pay her barfine. I can’t really blame them. It is a business after all.

Hell, I would do the same thing if I was them! Long story short is that barmongers have to adjust to the new reality. The ones that can’t or won’t will be stuck bitching about how it used to be 10 years ago. Yeah, it was great. But all things change and we simply have to adapt as well. For me I still like looking for those newbie 18 year old dancers and bargirls fresh from the farm before they learn how to use an iPhone and have 200 guys following them on Facebook and get a long list of sponsors. Now let me also say that I do find it nice to find girls to talk to once in a while and for those I still prefer the university girls that are dancing part time while they go to the university during the day time. I’ve always been lucky in finding fun, attractive university students. They just push all my hot buttons.

 As for using the dating sites and Facebook I really don’t like to do that other than to keep a list of which bars the girls work at. I still prefer showing up at random and if I see a girl from Facebook then great but if I don’t then I’m fine with that as well. I do enjoy the quest and the search. Maybe I enjoy it too much but it’s just my thing since I don’t really drink there’s no point for me to simply sit in the same bar for too long at a time if there’s not a particular girl that I plan on barfining. The game has changed these past 10 years. We don’t have to like it but if we want to keep having fun then we just need to adapt to today’s reality and bargirls with multiple sponsors via the Internet and make the best of it.

There are still plenty of pretty Thai girls and fun to have in the bars of Pattaya compared to back home in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, etc. no matter what your budget!

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