Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Sexy Tight Dress Twilight Zone Horror…

 Has this ever happened to you in Pattaya? You started your hard partying day having a beer on Soi 6 at 5pm. You probably end up barfining a bargirl and taking her to a short time room. When you finish you grab a baht bus to Walking Street and then get something to eat and pop into the early opening gogo bars.

Then you head back out and grab a baht bus or motorbike taxi and go to Soi LK Metro to visit some more gogo bars. After a short visit it’s back to grabbing another baht bus to go back to Soi 6 to see how the party is progressing and to stop to have a drink.

Afterwards it’s back to Walking Street to take in some shows and find a dancer to barfine. You continue bar hopping until the bars close at 3am. Next up you head to Insomnia and being the hard-core partier that you are you pay the 500 baht for the VIP card so you can go upstairs and watch the girls below. At 5am you spot a very attractive freelancer with great hair, makeup and wearing a sexy tight dress. Bingo or so you think!

You go downstairs to chat with her and things go well so you strike up an arrangement for her to head back to your room. You’ll probably stop and buy her and yourself something to eat first. By the time you get back to your hotel room with the girl it’s now 6:00am / 6:30am.

The girl goes to use the shower, cleans off her makeup and takes off the tight dress and when she walks out of the bathroom instead of a fantasy girl with a sexy tight body you're now faced with a zombie from the twilight zone with little resemblance to what you thought was a hot girl an hour earlier! Damn! A girl that’s obviously much older than you thought when you saw her in the darkened bar and a girl that’s now standing in front of you with sagging breasts and more stretch marks than a bag of rubber bands!!!! WTF???

 Now since you’ve already been partying for the past 12 hours you’re tired as shit but you still have a naked Thai girl in front of you even though she’s not quite the fantasy babe you thought she was. What do you do? You say what the hell and get her in bed for a quick bj and a 10-minute screw (you’re already totally exhausted after all) and hope to send her on her way so that you can get some sleep. But instead she passes out on your bed and now you’re stuck with this horror most likely until she wakes up at noon before you can send her out and hope the hotel maids or any other barmongers don’t see her leave your room to realize what a bad choice you made in Insomnia last night.

That’s Pattaya After Hours…. All that glitters ain’t gold in that sexy tight dress at 5am….

Just saying….

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