Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Solution to 5,000 Baht Short Times in Pattaya..

I’ve got the perfect solution to those 5,000 baht short times that the hotties in the big gogo bars are asking guys in Pattaya. Each gogo bar just needs to purchase a few of really hot looking full size Asian sex dolls that are sculpted to look like the star of the bar. Then if a barmonger balks at a 1,500 baht barfine, another 1,500 baht in drinks and a 5,000 baht short time with the star of the bar he can be offered the sex doll that looks just like the star of the bar as a more economical alternative.

Let’s say the deposit to take the sex doll to a nearby short time hotel will be 2,000 baht and as long as you bring the doll back within 1 hour you’ll be refunded 1,000 baht. Overall your short time with the sex doll will only cost you 1,000 baht, your couple of drinks in the bar and maybe 300 baht for the short time room. It could be coming in the future....

But everybody wins except for the poor low paid cleaning girl that has to clean out and hose off the sex dolls after each use.…. lol

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