Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Why barmongers shouldn’t hold it against Japanese guys that blow 5,000 baht short time on Thai gogo girls…

There’s always been a lot of debate among barmongers and especially expats in Pattaya that the Japanese guys ruin it for the rest of the western barmongers by routinely paying 5,000 baht short time and up to 10,000 baht long time for a super hot Thai gogo girl. Now I have to tell you that I don’t think that the Japanese guys feel like they’re paying a premium at all. Why’s that? Because I’ve been to Tokyo and let me tell you it’s normal for a Japanese businessman to pay the equivalent of 14,500 baht for a 2 hour soapy massage because the prices are so high in Japan. For Japanese guys flying to Pattaya or Bangkok and going to a gogo bar to barfine a Thai dancer to get a short time with her back at his hotel for 5,000 baht is a bargain. The guy is laughing about his good luck the whole way. He’s paying a third of the price that he would pay back in Tokyo and he’s more than happy about it! That being the case don’t rain on the Japanese guys parade in Baccara or the other gogo bars that get a lot of Japanese customers or blame the girls that know a fat wallet full of baht when they see one.

The Japanese guys feel they’re getting a great deal compared to Tokyo (and they are) and the girls are happy to take a premium over a UK or American tourist or expat. Especially when often times the Japanese guys will just take a girl to a disco or karaoke club, get drunk and pass out back at his hotel room without even getting intimate with the dancer that he barfined! (I’ve had bargirls tell me that more than once!) What’ I’m saying is give the Japanese barmongering guys a nod for doing it their way and getting what’s a bargain for them. There are plenty of girls to go around and besides I’ve managed to score girls from the gogo bars full of Japanese customers many times in the past without having to match the Japanese fat wallets. The Japanese guys are simply there to party and barfine hot girls just like we are. They just spend a bit more on average doing it because that’s what they’re used to. They’re not out to ruin it for anybody else.

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