Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Friday, October 5, 2018

My Goal: 1,000 Thai Bar Girls in 21 days..

Among my goals that I had set out for myself months before I left on my last trip to Thailand was to meet 1,000 Thai bar girls in 21 days. No not bar fines. I didn’t hit the lottery jackpot. I didn’t win big at the casino playing poker and nor did anyone die and leave me a goldmine or oil well. Not at all. My goal was more pragmatic. That was to meet and give away bar girl toys to 1,000 Thai bar girls. Why you ask? I can tell you that it wasn’t for the girls. It was simply to entertain myself between barfines. (I get bored easily, what can I say?) Now my plan on the surface sounded almost impossible but considering that I bar hop half a dozen gogo bars each night and visit on average 2 after hours clubs by 5am it didn’t seem beyond the realm of mathematical possibility over a 21 day stay in Thailand. I had calculated that I just needed to meet on average 48 bar girls each night to reach my goal before getting on the plane in Bangkok to fly home. Did I do it? Keep reading!
But on my mind was it even possible to keep up that kind of pace bar hopping night after night for 3 weeks in the heat and humidity of Thailand without flat lining and suffering a major heart attack? Was I out of my fucking mind to even attempt such an audacious feat? Probably so on that one. I have to admit it.

So how close did I come to meeting my quest? Here are the total bar girl toys that I handed out to the gogo dancers, massage shop and bar girls that I met partying in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand.

469 Gold and silver plated zircon rings.
428 Mardi Gras beaded necklaces.
96 Flashing LED rings.
48 Flashing LED pendants.
40 Pairs of g-strings.
37 Beaded bracelets.
18 Assorted Hello Kitty toys.
13 Balloons.
11 Water guns.
6 Glow sticks.
5 Hiphop hats.
4 Flashing LED balls.
4 LED light strips.
4 LED magnetic button lights.
3 Hello Kitty watches.
3 Squeeze frog key chains.
3 Glow balls.

Total: 1,192 bar girl toys handed out to Thai girls! I had met and exceeded my goal of 1,000 bar girls in 21 days! Yeah! A new personal bar girl toy record for the Bangkok Partier! Did I get a bit carried away entertaining myself? Sure. But what the hell. Go big or go home as they say! Lol…

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