Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Russian tourist kills himself over toothache, say Thai police..

Pattaya One News reports that Na Jomtien police were called to a three story apartment building on Monday afternoon where in a second floor room they found 46 year old Russian hanging by an electrical cord from the door frame of the bathroom. He had been dead about 12 hours and there was no sign of a struggle. The body was discovered by the daughter and friends of the dead man who broke the door down after not hearing from him since Sunday. Police learned that he had come to Thailand with his daughter and friends for a holiday five months ago. He stayed alone in the apartment. He had given no indication that he was going to take his own life but he had been suffering from terrible toothache recently. He had taken medication and reportedly tried everything to ease the pain. Daily News said that Na Jomtien police believe that he took his own life to get away from the pain of the toothache. 

Commentary: Now I’ve read some weird shit over the years about why tourists commit suicide in Pattaya but this has got to be the first suicide blamed on a bad toothache??? WTF? So, the Russian tried everything he could do make the pain go away except apparently to go see a dentist???? But he's been in Thailand on holiday for 5 months so I would assume he had some money or after 5 months did he blow it all on bargirls and the bad toothache excuse is just so the family can save face???? Hmmmmm..

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